Cover Your Eyes with Chloé Sunglasses!



Looks like some lady friendly styles! Who wants to tell us all about this brand?


I’d be happy to do your job for you.


I don’t see any review links here. :wink: How about you be the trendsetter?


I sent this link to my girlfriend, who just spent 300$ on dior sunglasses, and she is going to return those and replace by buying multiple pairs of these… so that should be some sort of review ? :slight_smile:


That’s a good sign. Hopefully she’ll come back when they arrive and tell us what we missed? :slight_smile:


Well, they look slightly less stylish than some I could buy at the dollar store, but at this price I’m sure they are at least polarized.


“DESIGNED…IN…” But not made at…junk Chinese made to look Italian…you can buy many other higher grade styles for LESS!!!


there’s no comparison between her Diors and this . you already own the Diors, there’s no chance these would feel, look like High end sunglass.


Turns out, they’re made in France. Just like the product pages say!

As always, if you know more with certainty, please let us know!


Just a bit of further information: we double-checked with our buyer and it’s confirmed on down the chain as far as the Chloé partner.

Thanks for keeping us honest!


If they were polarized it would say that in the description. I checked the Chloe website and they give even less detailed info there. It’s all about style but you do get UV protection.


Bought 1 for the wife


after doing the research on them online, in for one… might even go for 2, the day is still young. I am famous for leaving them in one car and then driving the other…


can these ship to canada ?


Great gift for the mistress.

Think incognito…


It is astounding that the people here do not know that Chloe is a high end fashion marquee.


It is astounding that that cheap plastic sunglasses are considered high end fashion.


If you have a female in your life who likes high-end fashion, this is a hell of a deal. Buying a pair for the sister in law for Christmas, and hoping to get a pair for myself.


to be fair they are $300+ retail