Cover Your Vehicle

Will the PCVSUV192 cover a 2010 GMC Acardia?

Does the PCVCAR17 fit a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO?

Looking for advice on a Model A Ford Roadster. It’s just under 12 feet long, but taller than a modern car in the middle. At this price I’m willing to gamble on one, but not sure if I should get the SUV size for the height. it would definitely be really baggy at the back over the rumble seat, though.

Are these waterproof? I have a jeep that leaks when it rains.

Could a mod please check into which of the Pyle PCVMC12 or PCVMC22 is actually blue/silver? Even checking it online(whether Amazon or Ebay)comes up with the same issue, the picture is black/silver but the description says blue/silver and vice versa.