Covid time Wooting and the Woot Off

Greetings Woot. While I spent a lot of time in the Vestibule of Patience over the birthday week, and not getting one of the elusive BOC’s, it’s been a lot of fun. Yes its intensive browsing and loads of clicking and buying. It was fun to be occupied, focused and sort of entertained. Happy birthday and even if the servers bombed and iPhone 11 issues, we enjoyed the frustrations and the successful snags of what we did purchase. Here’s to another year.


Ay ay! I’ll drink to that :beers::clinking_glasses: I’ve realized that much of the money I’ve spent here at Woot, would normally be spent on live or in-person entertainment.

So thank you Woot, for entertaining me while taking my monies during these uncharted times! :performing_arts::tada::confetti_ball::black_joker::raised_hands:t4: