Cow Snowboard with Soft Bindings by Monson


Welcome to the Woot-off item #4 topic page for this product on Friday October 22nd. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Cow Snowboard here.


[color=red:a3cd9a2cf2]more ram in the box please[/color]


first? woot!


oh, this will be up for awhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile


See you all in 12 hours


I think this item might last the whole 12 hours…


This might be a chance for us to get some sleep… 8)


this will be a long woot


Come on people…they only have 10 of these. :shock: Time to turn the torrents back on :wink:


this will be a long woot


MooooooT :idea:


Moire fans, or at least other cheap stuff…How about a pack of 3 Charge-its as a single woot.

IIn anycase, My vote for the final woot-off is a Extra-large bag O’ Crap !!!


Please tell me there is a timeout on these woots’ …like no orders in 10 mins means next item. !!


well it looks like someone finally bought one, lol, bring back the fans!


i never got one, and htey sound so cool, so please give us more!


The first three went quick, maybe they put this up so they could get some sleep… :roll:


Actually, I figure that if there are 1 ordered so far, there’s 25. 2 ordered, then there’s 50. If some freak of nature (sports/ski/snowboard fan) ordered 3, then there 75


whats up with the bravewoman??? btw keep the progress bar going…


That’s actually not a bad price for a decent snowboard w/bindings…

…provided you can stand the fact that it’s a GATEWAY board.


I think this is going to be a loooooong night :slight_smile:

I missed the damn flyfans :frowning: