COWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Black

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COWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Black
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Does this have APTX or any low latency tech?

Well, you went over my head with that question but the user manual is linked at the bottom of the features. Maybe that will help?

LOL that photo of the guy in the suit makes his head look tiny with the headphones. LOLOLOLOL

I don’t have these, but I love my E7s.

Do these help block the noise of loud fireworks? I’m talking about the BOOMS, not the pops and little bangs.

Hey now! It’s not nice to make fun of people with tiny heads.


Manual did not help on info, went to Amazon and and under questions I searched for aptX.
The answer in no, it does not.

I found the E7’s to have good noise canceling capability, but the bluetooth connection was good for gaming: there was a strong delay between movement and sound. For music, this was not an issue. That said, while the cans worked as advertised and seemed reasonably well made, the sound quality just wasn’t up to my personal standards. I have Grados; perhaps they’ve ruined me anything less accomplished.

Does anyone happen to know if these headphones use battery when in wired mode?

I’m guessing here but because they are Active Noise Cancelling, I’m going with yes. Active usually requires power.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will pipe up.

If these are like the E7, when in wired mode AND noise-cancelling is off, no battery is used. If you turn on noise-cancelling, it will use battery.

Amazon has the Cowin E8 and the E8 (Upgraded) available.

Do we know which version the one offered here is?

I received my set on 7/13 and I am very impressed with them. While they may be a little larger than other earphones I looked at (including the Cowin E7 Pro) I need and like the larger ear cups for more comfort and better sealing against my head. These headphones fit ‘around the ear’ instead of ‘on the ear’.

The active noise cancelling is impressive, especially for the price ($40 cheaper here than available on Amazon), and I like that I can easily replace the ear foam as they are held on magnetically. My only dislikes are they wear a bit warmer than other headphones because they encase your ears, and the manual was sub-par due to its tiny pale font and lack of explanation on how to turn them off.

But as far as sound and function, these things are a home run!