COWIN E8 Upgraded Noise Canceling Headphone

Can these be used with a wire instead of bluetooth? I see that an audio jack is included. The reason why I ask is that I have a boom mike that can plug into any wired headset and I’d like to be able to use that since I will be using this headset for conferencing at work.

Specs and the linked manual say they come with

3.5mm Audio Cable

so I’m going with yes. :slight_smile:

The previous reply to your post, not from me, is only partially accurate. Here is what you need to know about the wire connection on the E8: The hole in the headset for the wire connection is 2.5mm(3/32"), not 3.5mm(1/8"). The package includes a male to male 3.5mm TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve…AKA:3-conductor/left & right/stereo) to 2.5mm TRS cable, a 3.5mm airplane adapter, a gold-plated 3.5mm TRS female to 1/4" TRS male adapter, and a USB to Android charger adapter cable.

I am NOT the average or casual user. I wear these puppies for 8-1/2 hours every day in an industrial environment with a background noise level ranging from 90db-115db…often while turning wrenches on various (sometimes running) machines…let’s just say I’m a moderate user of this unit.

Comfort: Proper and even fitting is a breeze with the etched scale on both headband sliders. The muffs are VERY comfortable while sealing off the input area, yet still allowing decent ventilation(?). The muff is large enough to also provide cushion and some isolation to the cochlear nerve as well.

Noise-Canceling: Almost too good. There is a small “notch” at the human voice frequency range that allows for better verbal communication while surrounded by loud stuff, but I often have to remove one muff to understand a softer spoken person at lower noise levels…but at that point, I often have to bring my ear within 10 inches of their mouth.

Bluetooth: Totally awesome! This is the first unit I’ve used that deals with telephone calls in high noise areas where the person on the other end can actually understand what I am saying…I was at work and on the phone with my cousin for over 6 minutes (during our 17 minute call) before he realized I was still on the factory floor and walking past running machines and personnel.

Musical sound quality: I usually set the sound pressure to the lowest level that still provides high enjoyment, pretty low by most standards…so I qued up Classical Gas followed by Wish You Were Here, and let it go. I’m at a loss for words. I heard “string talk” I’ve never noticed before. “Impressed” just doesn’t cover the scope. My eyes leaked and I damn near pissed myself.!!!

I’m glad I bought 2. I was going to sell the other one, but now I’m not so sure…