COWIN Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

My “real” noise cancelling headphones were still packed in an unmarked box when I was scheduled to take a flight to Las Vegas, so I picked up a pair of these for the trip. The mothership price was $69.99, but they had a $30 coupon available making it $40.

These are a very nice set of $40 (or even $50) noise cancelling bluetooth headphones. They did not cancel the plan noise as well as a more expensive set, but did pretty darn well. They were comfortable to wear for long periods, and the battery kept charge for the 5 or 6-hour flight.

I own these via mothership and they are really awesome. Probably have had them around a year now and zero complaints. They charge quickly, they have yet to die while I’m using them. My HeroSpouse isn’t as fond of them because I tend to be functionally deaf wearing them. :slight_smile: They improve my enjoyment of music, including songs I’ve loved for years.
I really like these and can recommend highly. Love mine.

Awesome sound at a good price. Picked them up on woot. Daughters already trying to steal them from me.

These are heavier and do not fold as compactly as the Bose QC-25’s. When the QC-25’s were $300, this was a nice alternative. Now you can get Bose for $170. I would go for the Cowin if I flew a few times a month, but for more frequent travel, the QC-25 is the way to go especially since the price is reduced.

I am sorry if this is a dumb question… Do these headphones come in COWIN box with all the cables and the COWIN drawbag you would get if you had bought it from amazon or COWIN’s official site?