COWIN Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

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COWIN Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones
Price: $49.99 - 64.99
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No APTX or similar tech, no interest.
These will have too much delay to enjoy anything but Music or Audiobooks.

I really like my E7 headphones. Got them on an Amazon flash deal for $39 last year. I wear them on a 25 min bus commute twice a day. In bluetooth mode, music & audio books only, no video. I also tried a friend’s pair of Sony Wireless NC Stereo WH-1000XM2, which are much more comfortable for my ears, and stay connected better in NC mode in the bumpy spots of my trip, but the sound is not 5X better, as they are $300 a pop!
Cable connected works for anything.

I loved my E7’s. Used them every day at work. One note though: the left ear cup eventually broke loose rendering them useless. I emailed the manufacturer several times. They never even replied to email so if they break during the alleged 18 month warranty period, you’re on your own. Fortunately, In my case, Amazon customer service stepped in and issued a refund.

I see no information here on battery type, size or how long it will last running the headset. Seems like a nice set, but is it rechargeable a battery that leads to a throwaway headset or a through away battery that leads to a long life keeper type headset. I work to hard to put my money on Junk throw away headsets because the battery dies in time. Again Amazon drops the ball on the description. Wow, really you would think they a multi-billion dollar company would have their act together better by now. Come on, folks.

First two lines of the description. Rarely do they include the type of battery, just how long it lasts. My Bose only last 20.

No wire. No noise. Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

30 Hours Playtime and Clear Microphone