Coyote vs. Bird

Water not included…but manic chuckles are : D

Also a supplier to Roger Rabbit :rabbit2:

I’m not going to buy the shirt the subject matter is awesome I grew up with those cartoons they mean a lot to me I’m making a quilt out of my favorite T-shirts I can’t include this one go back to the drawing board with the coyote and build a better T-shirt on this subject

I’m totally convinced that behind the M in Acme a determined but smashed & battered coyote is holding up the “guaranteed success” sign…

Congrats on the win Fishbiscuit! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What a pleasant surprise. :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone who voted! BEEP BEEP!

This is a great shirt for road running. Congrats on the daily FB5!


Come on now, FB.

congrats FB :slight_smile: great win!