Cozy & Comfy, Snuggly & Wuggly

An Electric Wall Mirror!!!

yea I was trying to figure that wall mirror out but in description non of features talk about its electricity or what it does. I’m guessing it just lights up so you can see yourself better.

None of these items are in any way Fuzzy, Wuzzy, Snuggly, or Wuggly.


Don’t buy “bonded leather” in any furniture product where you actually sit on it. I will not last. It is garbage polyurethane with leather flakes bonded to it. I is OK on surfaces the see no contact like the outside and back of a chair but on any surface that gets rubbing, oils from hair contact, dogs nails, it will just shread after a while and not a long while.

So, the second biggest ticket item is $.01 off? What savings!

The sofa and chair are cheaper on overstock-dot-com

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I totally agree. In the store I was so impressed with how difficult it seemed to be to tell the difference between the blended leather sofa set I was considering and the real leather set I was comparing it to. Always one to want to save money, I went with the bonded leather. What a mistake! The set I was replacing was leather and I gave it to a friend, its still going strong at her house! My new set has been banished to the porch as right away it didn’t hold up at all to my cats who are all de-clawed in the front. In just a few months it was full of puncture marks from the back claws and it had become an embarrassment rather than the source of pride a new piece of furniture should be.