Cozy Rugs For Your Cozy Home

Found them on Amazon, with 9 reviews averaging to 4 stars:

I looked to do a quick price comparison. Oddly enough, they don’t offer the exact same sizes on Amazon. The comments there indicate that the pads are smaller than the size marked, and the measurements are for the rug they fit. So I’m guessing the measurements here on Woot are for the pad vs the rug size on Amazon. The sizes that are “close enough” are OOS, but were cheaper.

3’4"x5’ for $19.99 vs 4’x6’ for $18.48 (OOS)
4’8"x7’6" for $27.99 vs. 5’x8’ for $25.46 (OOS)
7’8"x9’8" for $44.99 vs 8’x11’ for $58.12
5’5"x7’10" for $32.99 vs 5’x9’ for $36.30

And that’s just by comparing what appears to be the same product. There are other similar grip pads on Amazon which appear to be much lower price.