Cozy Throw and 2pc Pillow Set

I have a very similar polyester throw. Can’t speak to these, but mine is about the softest thing ever.

But it comes with a downside - breathability. Moisture doesn’t move through it, so it can get a bit gross underneath if you sweat. For the most part it’s no big deal, I either move around, or I’m under it because it’s cold, etc. Every so often, however, I’ll fall asleep on it and wake up and realize how swampy it is underneath it.

I haven’t replaced it, though, because it’s so soft and warm. I have two other throws: 1 is 95% wool 5% cashmere, and 1 is whatever Churchill Weavers uses (that thing is ridiculously high quality.) Both are objectively nicer throws, but I always go back to the polyester one because it’s thicker, warmer, nicer to snuggle to, and bigger (the other two are just barely too small.)

Anybody know whether the pillows have removable (and thus washable) covers?

I bet you can throw the whole pillow into the washer.

I would also like to know if the covers are removable. Washing the entire pillow would be a hassle.

MADE IN CHINA :frowning:

While I do not have these pillows, I regularly wash my throw pillows. I have a steam dryer and I have two dogs who treat the pillows as beds. I have both washed them when needed and steam refreshed them periodically and even though all my pillows are stuffed with that polyester polyfill stuff, they come out fine.

Just grabbed the sample, the pillow cover is not removable.

But boy howdy, are they soft. I wanted to steal it and the blanket to snuggle in my cubicle.

Ah excellent. I’ve been meaning to buy some throw pillows for my new couch, and these fit the bill nicely. Plus apparently I can never have too many throw blankets, down here in the arctic tundra that is Atlanta.

I’m in for a set for my 3.5yo. We will soon move him to a full-sized bed, and these will help make it cozy. I just need to decide between Pumpkin and Dark Blue.

If this was up tomorrow (payday), I would have been in for a mattress protector too.

They look like a similar material to the Woven Works Boston robes that Woot has sold from time to time. How do they compare?

What color goes with a chocolate brown couch?

Orange would look great, but really any color is ok…Just match whatever color scheme you already have. If you want to play it safe try the camel.

Camel is sold out…Beige it is!

I received mine (Pumpkin) and they are very soft! I am looking forward to putting them on my son’s bed when we make the converstion. If Woot brings them back, I will get the Dark Blue too.