Cozy Throw and 2pc Pillow Set

Cozy Throw and 2pc Pillow Set
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $12 Two-Day or *$15 One-Day
Color: Beige

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Cozy Throw and 2pc Pillow Set
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: New


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What…no camel color??? NOOOOOOO!!!

Just a heads up, these pillows are really really soft, but, the covers are not removable, making washing slightly inconvenient.

I bought this is the green in October. i’m currently hiding under the blanket from the cold. It’s a pretty nice set.

This looks like exactly what I need but I need it in brown (chocolate-ish). That’s okay, probably best I don’t have more than 5 orders in process at a time anyway.

I got one of these sets the last time they were offered and haven’t regretted it. The pillows are very soft and cushy (perfect for naps); the only complaint I have is that the blanket doesn’t breath super well, so I sometimes feel a little sticky if I’ve been underneath it for a while.

I want two in different colors - how does that work? Two separate orders, or what?

Hit the “I want one” button, choose the first color you want, then add to cart. Repeat. You will be able to do this for a total of three time and then check out.

I am trying to order Camel too.
Seems SEVERAL colors are missing totally.

These Wooters need to get some rest and come back and do the job right!

Say, is there any way to send 2 orders to two different addresses, short of simply going through the process twice?

If they were Made in the USA I would get one.

I’m trying to buy a couple sets of the sellout woot blanket and 2 pillows but every time I try to add one to my cart, I get sent to an error page. Grrrr!
I’ve had to post this here because I’m getting sent to the series page when I try to email support as well! Double Grrrrrr!

I’ve been trying to add these to my cart, but all I get are the “spinning gears” for a while, then nothing. I’ve tried multiple colors, all with the same result.

Are these out of stock? Is the website busted? Does Woot hate me?

Same here, but with EVERYTHING. Poosle.

Any solutions?

Is anyone else having technical difficulties purchasing a set? I can’t seem to get the item added to my cart.

I asked this question previously on a different item and Woot tells us that you have to place two separate orders if you want them shipped to different locations.

Hey guys- Sorry for all the frustration with the ordering process. We’re working on it right now; we know you guys need to get your woot on!

Woot is aware of the problems. Check out the community forums (World of Woot) for updates.