CP Tech 3.5” USB/SATA HDD Enclosure

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New CP Tech 3.5" USB/SATA HDD Enclosure, for $7.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x CP Tech 3.5" USB/SATA HDD Enclosure

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Aww, no eSata? Think I’m going to sit this one out :frowning:

what is thing made out of? Plastic or aluminum?

To channel my inner 80’s child:

“Where’s the hard drive?”

Woot, I am looking for a nice one to replace my 5 year old OEM… but I don’t need an external case.

Let’s see a nice 7200+ .5-1TB drive here soon!

What’s an Adaopter? ::smirk::

< /typonazi >

looks like a nice enclosure BUT it only has SATA… no PATA… i will have to sleep on it…

I concur :wink:

Tempting actually. I need an external drive for my laptop, specifically my data storage out of my desktop for this coming week when I travel. But, alas, SpeedyPost won’t get it to me in time.

How good is the frame though? Some cases have poor frame support and are a pain to install.

I’ll pass on this one!

Not eSATA - FAIL! USB is the suxorz for speed!

Picture fail! Please post better pictures of the rear connections next time!

Yeah, I’ve got the need for a second 3.5" IDE enclosure… I’ve also got the need for an External USB DVD drive for my new netbook… which I thought was what this was when I first saw it :\

very nice price. I’m not in the market for an enclosure though :frowning:

will this work with a dvd-rom too?

What kind of picture do you need? It shows quite plainly a power switch, the power plug, the USB type b connector.


I wondered this. I’m betting no since it says 3.5". If it was a 5.25" enclosure, it could.

It’s almost impossible to find an external enclosure that will support 2 different kinds of HDD’s. Thus, you either will have a SATA enclosure or an IDE/PATA enclosure. The connector to the computer is a different story…USB, eSATA, Firewire, IR, and Smoke signals are possible, so yes the is a bit lacking that way. But it’s cheap and it comes with the AC Adaopter smirk so I would say buy.

I do have one question…is there a HDD size limit on this? I somehow doubt it, but it’s not unheard of.

Does this require an AC adapter, or will a laptop HD allow the drive to be powered strictly over USB?

No, strictly SATA-150 3.5" hard drives. BTW, this is a fan-less design with aluminum/plastic casing, so a 7.2k drive is not suggested as it will overheat. You want a sold aluminum drive/fan cooling for the faster (thus hotter) drives. Good deal for a smaller backup solution.

This hard drive will need an AC adapter as it takes 3.5" drives.

i’m pretty sure that SATA is better than PATA so why would you say it “only has SATA” like it’s a bad thing? SATA is newer, faster, and better. your comment is like saying “it’s only a blu-ray player…no VHS”

What is the maximum size hard drive this can take?

Made of aluminum and a pretty good price (others are offering it for around $30 after rebate).

CP Technologies has an eSATA/SATA version of this 3.5" enclosure so maybe sellout.woot will have it someday.