CP Tech 3.5” USB/SATA HDD Enclosure

Why? The streets are lined with cheap high-capacity drives. There’s no need to pay a three-digit price for a terabyte. (Unless shipping nudges it up. I grant that Woot rules there.) I know they turn up here, usually during W**ootoffs, but you probably won’t save that much and you’ll have the use of the drive that much sooner from Newegg or OWC or whoever.

Thank you. It’s a minor inconvenience, but it’s good to know. At this price, they’re worth having around.

Does it support 1.5TB?

It comes with the AC adapter.

Can I put a DVD-Rom in this and use it as an external device?

Is there a limit to the size of drive that can be installed, (can a 1TB or 1.5 be installed) IF it was addressed in the descripton or forum thus far, I have missed it…

NewEgg has quite a few(~20) that support both, albeit at a higher price than ones that support either or.

hey, I am looking to get a sata external enclosure, just not sure what does hot swappable means for this drive.

anyone with more expertise knows what it is describing?

thanks in advance.

I’m not a fan of a HDD enclosure without a fan.

The primary use of these things is to use an old drive as an external backup. The old drives you have laying around are very likely to be PATA. If I want an enclosure to use my old drive(s) in then having only SATA means this sucks as I cannot use it.

Looks to me to be just big enuf for a HDD, and will not fit a CD/DVD device.

I’ve got an all-aluminum enclosure from NexStar with a 7200rpm drive and it works great, though it does get hot and I almost never have it on…

Augh. So close but no bagel. I need a 2.5 enclosure for a laptop hard drive. Good price though.

The USB interface is hot pluggable / swappable

You should be able to use this with HDD of 2TB or more once they are on the market.

Probably (like me) has a box full of PATA drives in a drawer looking for a new use - luckily, I have half a box of SATA drives ready to go - in for three.

It means you can change the hardware while the PC is still ‘hot,’ AFAIK. You don’t need to go through a whole extravagant reboot/refresh to get it to recognize a different drive. This is generally the case with USB drives, but obviously not the case with SATA (although SATA->USB enclosures DO have this property).

Woot, wrong size! I was drooling over the 2.5" enclosures on tigerdirect just yesterday while placing an order, since I can write it off and have my company reimburse me as a “necessary tool.”

Although actually, Cables2Go has a really sweet adapter that will do SATA OR IDE to USB. If I was going to get something, that’d probably be it, since I don’t really see myself using it in anything but a repair capacity. Plus, then I can plug in 3.5", 2.5", whatever the hell my heart desires.

This is exactly what I was needing for one of my smaller SATA drives (backup storage for my RAW photos). Oddly enough I was shopping for one earlier today and didn’t buy one. I would have been hitting myself once I saw this.

Even the manufacturer doesn’t list the HDD capacity specs:


Sad. I’ve got to build a 1.5TB external, and I don’t know if I can use this to do it.

Whoops, that’s a rather long url. Let’s try it this way:

CP Tech