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**Item: **CPAP Pillow
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It is NOT CRAP, it is CPAP (just in case anybody else read that first - and hoped to get a pillow of crap :)).

Here is some user feedback

Glad I wasn’t the only one! I mean…uh…don’t you look silly!

Very interesting idea. I’ve had my CPAP for almost a decade now, so I’ve adjusted well to a regular pillow but I absolutely could have used this when I was starting out. Any word, btw, on whether this is soft, firm, middlin’?

Heh. Thanks for clearing that up.

A few good reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at

if you already have a working CPAP machine, you should already be asleep this late. Or you have WOOT addiction syndrome.

Sorry about your luck gaining that syndrome, but I’m guessing WOOT likes you for it.

Go take a nap.

No height spec? No deal. I need at least 4"; will this pillow suffice?

My C-papnea will never be the same. But then, still trying to make my peace with the side-sleeper pillow from lo many woots ago…

From the specs: 20" x 13" x 5.8" leads me to think it’s 5.8" in height but I could be wrong…

I agree.

In for one.

Good Fathers day present for my dad who has sleep apnea and is hard to shop for.

Thanks Woot

LOL, a CRAP pillow.

I’ve been eyeing one of these for days. Thought it might help me, but didn’t want to risk paying retail if it didn’t. Good looking out, Woot!

Bought this about 3 months ago when it popped up…It’s firm, and yes, about 5" high, but is much smaller in length and width than a regular size pillow. I’m still using it as a top pillow of two, but I’m thinking seriously of going back to a regular pillow…and I’m a side sleeper.

I bought this last time it was on here and I find it’s quite firm and that suits me well. My head sinks in about a half inch and it is very comfortable. It’s 4 inches tall all around. It’s smaller than a standard pillow and there is an even smaller “sweet spot”. You have to be right in the middle to have your mask sit in the pockets. But after a few nights I adjusted and it’s not a problem. I tried to put it in a regular pillow case to make it match my sheets better but that didn’t work very well. So now after making the bed I just put another pillow on top to hide it.

I tend to sleep on my stomach, do you think that this would help do that with a cpap?(yes my sleep apnea is that bad that I can both sleep on my stomach and need a cpap)

lmfaso, at first look i thought its a sex pillow. thought that’s where she puts her knees. Boy, was i wrong, lmfao.