Crack my code v.1.0


I tried this on another message board and they seemed to like it.
I thought since this board seems more agile with photoshop/the
gimp I would try it here and see if you can get it faster than they did.

This is an image of my dog that’s been manipulated.
Somewhere in this image (not the source) is a word.
One word. You will probably need to edit the photo
to find it, so here’s a free tool for you:

Photoshop also works.

Note: The word is not obvious, so the paper and jansport logo at the bottom of the screen is not it.

Good luck and happy hunting.


It says, “Drink your Ovaltine.”
Seriously, we get paid to edit photos here. Pony up some cash and we might give a damn.


Or give me a pony…


haha woot makes tons of cash every day…
I’m a poor college student
You’ve got to give to get back :stuck_out_tongue: