Cradlepoint PHS300 Personal Portable WiFi Hotspot

hope theres only 1

PFFFFT… I has MyWi

No kidding…

ok its over. unless theres only one.

hope theres only 2

I can do this for free on any laptop with a 3G card :confused:

Meh, My MyWi app already does a 3G hotspot.

i actually hope theres like 100 so i can go to bed

Killed for the night. lol

nobody pulled the trigger so now we wait

Does this charge a monthly fee for use, or is it free service indefinitely?

Really, 7 people bought that? Pointless…

Isn’t a pomeranian a kind of dog? WTF.

FWIW Since 6/7/2010 AT&T does allow tethering with your iPhone. Just thought I should set the record straight.

Don’t be so quick to judge. This might be pointless for the average user, but we have a camp on a lake with no power or internet.

This is a perfect device to share internet connectivity between multiple devices while only using one data connection. It’s battery operated and comes with an auto power adapter.


Got one of these in my BoC last wootoff, works great, much much much better than trying to get the Sprint “SmartView” POS to do anything other than not find my blackberry.