Craftsman 17-Piece Screwdriver Set

You mean like toast points? I lovelovelove toast points!

You originally didn’t make it clear that you were only talking about the keychain tool. You wrote “I think it’s just flat-bladed screwdrivers” without quoting the person you were replying to, and two people took that to mean you thought the whole SET was slotted drivers.

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Me. Remote starter switch (to bump the engine until the distributor cam lobe opened the points), slotted screwdriver, and feeler gauge (or matchbook cover in a pinch).

Typically you’d replace the condenser while you were in there. Fun around the shop: charge up a condenser and toss it to someone.

Then two people were careless readers. He was responding directly to my previous post. It’s linked there and everything. LOL

Ha ha. I had no idea spark plugs were such a contentious subject. I wonder if i dare bring up fuel types?

Narfcake Volunteer Moderator…
A Lucas ignition system that regularly needed adjusting? That’s … normal.

(I wonder how many folks here remember how to do points …)

Yes, but weekly? If i did not clean and adjust the points and plugs the car would barely work, and not for long.

Hand sanitizer!

Again, Lucas.


about 10 years ago I was a regular on a prius forum…the most hotly contested posts were oil changes. every month there’d be a repeat, hundreds of posts…“hey when should I change my oil”. when greenies and engineers collide…I think there were threats of violence. (10,000+ mi on synthetic)

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Bacon grease!

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I know he was, that’s why I didn’t make the same mistake. But the link is not all that obvious, and without a quote, I can see where the mistake came in.

Ugh, I wouldn’t go 10k on synthetic. Maybe 7k.

Usually I change it when the car’s display says I’m at 10% oil life.

The square shaft Husky phillips screw drivers are awesome! Trouble is when you try to us any US phillips on a Japanese industrial phillips screw. You will destroy the fastener every time unless your have real Japanese industrial phillips screw drivers, they are not make to break loose at a certain torque spec.

I was an industrial mechanic for a few years after I got out of the Navy, because that was what I did in the Navy, while I was in College. During the first year of that job I ruined almost every Craftsman Philips screw driver I owned, probably a couple of dozen with exchanges. When I got sick of making trips to Sears and listening to them complain about me misusing them I switched to Benchtop, Mac, and Williams and and just tossed the Craftsman drivers when they wore out, the problem went away. Funny thing is I was still working the same way on the same equipment but my tools stopped wearing out, I never had a problem with the tools I was issued in the Navy wearing out either, but if you ask the guys at my local Sears it was me.

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What would a British car be without a Rag, Screw Driver, pair of Pliers, book of matches, and nail file in the glove box. I opened many an SU carburetor in a gas station and showed the owner how to wipe down the shuttle and told them this had to be done at every oil change or the car would not run right. SU and Lucas, the reasons I bought a Miata.

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Oh, you misunderstood me. I didn’t doubt you wrecking the screwdrivers.

I’m impressed you still have a local Sears.

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Miata Is Always The Answer.

The last Sears near me closed early last year, there are still two in the state and the last Kmart in my state is closing in December.

It is sad that the year that Sears gave up on Catalog sales and mail order is the same year that Amazon stepped in to fill that gap.

I miss Sears. Now I have no reason to dress up on a Saturday. I also don’t know where to buy towels.

  1. Find a person (preferable not somebody you want to remain on speaking (or messaging) terms with.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Lemme guess. You don’t use towels.

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