Craftsman 40-Inch Chest and Cart, Red

Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) on the chest over at

Oh heck yeah! In for three! Oh no wait, $750 for something that goes for $100 on craigslist?

cmon woot, just becaue MSRP numbers are inflated doesn’t mean it is any kind of bargain…

Perfect reviews on the chest over at

Ball bearing on the drawers slides = a big plus.

My toolbox from Montgomery Ward (where?!) doesn’t have such a nice feature, and I can vouch how hard it is to open some of the drawers, even though the tracks are properly greased.

Well, you made me curious enough to go look at craigslist. In my (major metro) area, there are few of any quality near this one even for sale. There is only one that I would say is comparable and the seller is asking $560 for a 30 year old unit.

There are some rolling tool boxes in the $200 range but they are a different animal entirely.

I’m tempted but I don’t know how this price compares to Sears sale prices. Anyone out there know about that?

That was the sound of a toolchest rolling down the stairs.

I have this same box in Black.
Owned for three + years…solid box for home use. Paid $600 Christmas of 2010 from Sears. I will comment that during cold weather the drawers get stiff and require more effort to open. No complaints but do wish Craftsman had keyed both locks the same.

Comparable in sale price to the Harbor Freight unit at $400 for the bottom and $300 for the top. The craftsman box is the better deal if you need it shipped.

Sears outlet has tool cart for 227.93 and tool box for 167.93. Its reconditioned but hard to beat for the money.

Generally people don’t sell stuff like this unless they’re desperate, or it’s stolen. So you want to buy a stolen beat up old tool cabinet from a drug addict, go ahead. Make sure you give him your cell phone number and home address.

Oh, thanks so much for sharing! A great find…

seriously?? This isn’t a phenominal price, but it is a good price for a nice set. But 100? get real…Please post a current link to any craigslist add for set of the same quality and size for less than $500.00.

This is an example of the quality you most often find on CL for used toolboxes. Old and used for $125.

The toolbox on today’s Woot is very nice.

I almost spit my coffee up when I read your comment :slight_smile: Seriously, 100 bucks, I’ve never seen one anywhere near 100 bucks.

I found current sale price of $476 for bottom and $384 for the top… total of $860. Factor that in with your sales tax and shipping cost. Generally Sears gives additional 15% off for using your SEARS charge account.

I’ve got several Craftsman boxes that I have had for years, and they are the kind of quality it is worth investing in for the long haul.

I have always picked mine up directly from the store, however, and my recent experience getting one shipped by woot! was nothing short of a disaster. I’m sure my experience was not typical, and if I had been there to refuse delivery it would have worked out OK, but please be careful ordering something this heavy/expensive from woot! or you may get screwed just like me.

Here is the link to my post about it:

I call BS! Post evidence of any such deal. Like good tools a toolbox is a long term investment and it holds it’s value for a long time.

I can vouch for the idea that the $100 boxes on CL are BS. I’ve always wanted one of these but the consistent issues with my house have prohibited me from spending money on something that is almost a luxury item (for me right now). Therefore, I’ve gone on CL at least once a week for well over a year and NEVER found a toolbox like this, or even close to it, for $100. Not even some no-name brand that looked like someone took a dump on it.

I realize finding a box this nice for anything near $100 would mean stolen or totally beat up, like the one linked above, but I was hopeful that someone was losing their garage and needed to sell fast. No dice.

You can get a Harbor Freight one for slightly less, but I think Craftsman toolboxes are still top notch, as far as I understood.

The current craftsman toolboxes are not “the last toolbox you’ll ever buy” anymore. The reason 30 year old toolboxes are worth so much on CL is they’ll long outlast current Craftsman stuff.

I’d buy the HF boxes before this craftsman, they use thicker steel, better design, and I’ve yet to see a real complaint about them. My latest Craftsman top chest is garbage.

(Note that I’m talking about the red US General boxes, not the really cheap black ones that really are junk).

Here’s more info for those interested: