Craftsman 7-Piece Universal Wrench Set

Craftsman 7-Piece Universal Wrench Set

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Why is the picture SAE if it’s a metric set?


Nice catch, thank you!

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Came to say the same thing

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That “Heart Wrenching” description went sooo unexpectedly far sideways, people were worried I was choking, I was laughing so hard…

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So is it metric or SAE? Because if it’s what the photo shows I’ll buy it but if it’s metric I don’t want it.

The deal very specifically states a range of metric parts “In The Box”…

And the photo shows SAE wrenches. I’m thinking you’re correct though and it’s going to be metric.

@ThunderThighs Are these inches :grinning: or metric :weary:?


UPDATE: Image is updated. It’s METRIC


Doing God’s work

Tho it also says “universal” which would imply that it can handle both metric and imperial…
So… It is SAE, Metric, or universal? (I used to have a brilliant German made set that with it’s brilliant design from Gedore, that would grip on the flat part of a nut, not on the corners, and would work on both imperial and metric and even on old worm heads that had worn corners)

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With so many imported goods these will come in handy.

Can anyone verify if these are ratcheting? The photo is of the “Craftsman 7-Piece Metric Universal Ratcheting Wrench Set # 21030” on Amazon but I didn’t see in the Woot! description anything about them being ratcheting.

Craftsman 7-Piece Metric Universal Ratcheting Wrench Set # 21030

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Everyone is gone for the day but I don’t think these ratchet. The model number is correct. The photos may not be.

Update: Confirmed that they do NOT ratchet.

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Thank you!

I hope they are ratcheting! because that’s why we bought them.

Pretty sure they’re not ratcheting.

No 16mm? What kind of operation is this? When I round off my 17mm fasteners I need that 16mm!

Also, do they come with an open space where the 10mm goes? It would save me some time.


I’ll be very disappointed if they’re not ratcheting. I bought them before I saw TT’s response. The embedded Amazon review comments indicated they were ratcheting.