Craftsman 8 Function Multimeter

Craftsman 8 Function Multimeter

So what does it do??? Why can’t Woot ever give specific details on anything? Maybe cuz they don’t want you to know…why else? Do they get to play ping pong and guzzle alcohol while they work like a Silicon Valley or Chicago elitist???

If a person didn’t know what a multimeter is then I’m sure they don’t need one. It’s not a mystery of the universe.
If they listed a refrigerator for sale I doubt they’d need to tell anyone how to use it or what it’s used for. Woot isn’t an adult education center.

Some people’s children…


Specs; accuracy, freq response, input Z are essential to have. If you know what you’re doing that is.

Are items in clearance actually marked down or at the original woot price just moved to clearance?

If those are important to you, you’re not buying a $12 meter.


Then what are you buying?

Fluke makes some nice multimeters. Here’s an example on Amazon.


Usually I just copy the name and then search for it on Amazon. Sometimes have to fiddle around to find the exact version, but it almost always is there.

If not, then a general Google search and some more fiddling around.

  • Multimeter type is Lead

I’ve never heard of a lead type multimeter.

  • Package containts meter, test leads, and 9V battery

Spelling and proofreading were never Woot’s forte.

  • Maximum voltage up to 600 (volts)

Peak or RMS? Never mind, no sane person would use this for anything over 240V RMS.
That said, it is fine for household use. The battery test is a very useful feature. It puts a load on the battery and reads the voltage. Most meters only read the unloaded voltage. It is only $8.99 at Sears now.

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Currently nine bucks at Sears.

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$4.50 is the sears economy shipping for me vs free shipping with woot prime.

Fair enough. I have a “free local pickup” option which would make it a better deal for me.

Depends on how much your time is worth as well as your propensity for wearing pants.


IMO, HF is a better deal. Cheaper too at $6.39. They call it 7 function, but it also has a bipolar transistor socket to measure beta, FWIW.

The Craftsman does AC Amps too, but that’s not actually very useful because you have to break the circuit to measure. There’s no AC current probe with it.

It’s a little funny how your link sends people to a $373 Fluke.

That was part of this thread that was about buying a multimeter that is a higher quality than this Craftsman Woot listing.


I would be curious to see a side-by-side on the build quality. I have a HF model that I’ve used for a few years. It seems to work, but the lead wires don’t stay in very well and it just feels chintzy (But I think it was free with a coupon, so…) I might jump on this if anyone knows if it just feels sturdy in the hand vs similarly priced models.

I think I paid $10 for this plus one of those contactless power sensor “pencils” that lights up and beeps in the presence of 120 volts.

15 years and going strong for the DVOM. I fully realize it isn’t an RMS DVOM. But, for general diagnostics it works great, has been a tank, and I worry little about losing or breaking it.

Been watching Amazon for several years for a deal on the model 115 or 117 Fluke RMS DVOM… for less than $150-170. Still waiting. :wink:

Bottom Line: If you don’t have a DVOM and have a clue what it is, buy this (assuming you have Prime). It works great for general electrical diagnostics and belongs in any DIY tool box.

Haha, not to beat a dead horse, but the 90 day warranty you get when buying this from Woot appears to beat buying from “Sears” directly.

When you click on the “Warranty” link at the Sears product page, it goes to a dead page… and a second link out to the “new” Craftsman brand now owned by Stanley-Black and Decker.

Not sure I’d bother attempting to get Stanley to honor an old Sears Craftsman warranty even if their brand buy-sell agreement stipulates as much. Especially on a $10 tool.