Craftsman 8 Function Multimeter

@woot more of these would sell if they wouldn’t show as sold out when checking out.

This is a perfectly good cheap DVM for most uses. Also a good way to learn about meters. It’s basically a $10 meter which is what Sears used to (maybe still does if you have a Sears) on sales (but one model or another was always on sale).

It is way better than the HF crap you got “free with coupon.” The HF one was the only one I ever threw in the garbage (well, I think I did electronics recycling) because it was, well, garbage.

You can get good meters at HD in the electrical section. They mostly carry Klein which is a good name for electricians, and they will sell for $30-$100. I have seen combo kits for about $30-40 with a decent simple meter, usually a voltage sensor tool, and some other tool. Haven’t seen any in stores lately though. They might come back for the holidays. Some of the Kleins have “True RMS” but not the $30 ones.

Lowes has “Southwire” which is some weird brand I don’t like, never heard of it, might be a Lowes brand.

The Fluke’s mentioned have great reputation, mostly in industrial/scientific/electronics categories. Not as much for electricians. (where I think Klein is king).

Ugh, sorry. we had a bug where things weren’t moving properly to sold out. I fixed this one.

Actually, while they might not be known for test instruments, Southwire is a well-established wire manufacturer brand.

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