Craftsman 86-Piece Drill/Driver Bit Set

Craftsman 86-Piece Drill/Driver Bit Set

Good price for the amount of bits including the cases. I’m in since the Dewalt drill I bought last year never came with any accessories.

The 29 piece set is shown…The 57 piece set only shows 40ish pieces of the set…

No pictures of the complete…What you get…If it is actually 57 pieces and not 40ish…

For the correct picture of the 57 piece set…Put the model number into Amazon…

Morning. Our photographer shot these photos so they’re definitely correct. There are 57 pieces. Some are kinda close though:


The (9-35074) set on Amazon is selling for around $40. And the 29-Piece Set (9-44845) isn’t even available from what brief searching I’ve done

Maybe they updated the photos after your post, but there are photos in the set showing the items in their bubblepack packaging.

There have been no saves on this sale today. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯