Craftsman Black Oxide Drill Bit & Hole Saw Bundle

Craftsman Black Oxide Drill Bit & Hole Saw Bundle

$30 for 13 drill bits & 4 hole saws? And Craftsman “Lifetime Gaurantee” specifically excluded broken drill bits and dull saw blades, so about all they are gauranteeing is the mandrel won’t break.

I bought a recent set of Craftsman drill bits and screwdriver bits they Woot!, and I’ve already broken 3 or 4 drill bits in just one project. My Ryobi drill bit set has not had a problem for over 10 years. Pure junk.

IMHO, Craftsman was once a top of the line company but now they’re about the same quality as Harbor Freight, but 3 to 4 times as expensive.


Hey now, let’s be nice to Harbor Freight. Where else would I get my Warrior brand saw blades?

If your ryobi set hasn’t had a problem in ten years why would you even need to be buying anything else? Just sayin…