CRAFTSMAN Cord Storage 1Ft. 14 AWG SJT

CRAFTSMAN Cord Storage 1Ft. 14 AWG SJT

1 foot? I dunno how useful that’d be.

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This is only a cord storage reel. The idea is you provide your own extension cord to store on the reel. The 1 foot section is hard wired to the reel and is what you connect your cord to to power the outlets on the reel.


To avoid overheating always unwind the entire cord before use (unless the load is very low or brief).

Where does the reel “go” for lack of a better term? The 1 foot lead suggests that the reel stays close to the outlet, and that the extension cord is the only thing that extends to where I actually need electricity. What I’m really asking is where the four additional outlets are. Are they by the wall? Or are they out in the yard?

The reel goes with you out into the yard.

Your extension cord goes from the house to the 1ft section on the reel.

Different product, but similar setup:

Thank you so much! This was very helpful!