Craftsman Electric Blower

Craftsman Electric Blower

I bought one of these new from the big box store last year and immediately returned it. Might be adequate for light jobs, but don’t expect it to be useful for a big lot or on anything but perfectly dry leaves. IMO only gas leaf blowers are worth a darn.

Gonna disagree with you a bit. I have a [different] electric blower that I’ve had for years and it does a fine job on leaves dry or wet. It all depends on your preference and the blower. I don’t like having to deal with gas. :slight_smile:

Not all electric leaf blowers are junk. Ever used a worx leaf blower? The WG520 is actually a pretty darn good electric leaf blower. I have no experience with this craftsman.

Feel free to delete this since it is another product I am talking about, but just wanted to point out there are good electric.

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Since there is no mention of batteries is it safe to assume the 12 A refers to 120 VAC? And the little pigtail coming out plugs into an extension cord that is not included and should be able to handle 12 A? And can I get an autographed glossy photo from ThunderThighs?

Correct, you supply your own cord.

I’ll see what I can do. Lol.

I have Black and Decker BV6600 blower that is very simlilar to this (rated 400CFM/250mph airspeed). As a leaf blower it is fantastic, no issue with wet leaves. Mulcher function while it does work, it is not the best. As with any corded leaf blower, you are tied to length of the extension cord. I ultimately upgraded to Hitachi gas leaf blower but use this as backup any day.