Craftsman GripLatch Utility Cart

Solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at

Take a look at these good reviews from Buzzillions

Sorry, Woot but I’m compelled to tell it the way it is…

I just bought the exact duplicate of this utility cart, right down to the color yesterday from Harbor Freight. With the available coupon, I paid $109.99. The coupon is available on the HF website and you can’t miss it.

By the way, it’s really a nice, well built tool chest/cart and is a bargain for the money.

Did you pay the $90 additional freight charge for it being heavy? States that on the item page.

I bought it from one of their retail stores which are located all over the country. I live in NJ and we have at least a half dozen stores here. I believe that most states have stores but you can check at their website for a location near you. By the way, if you can’t find the coupon, the coupon code is as follows: 19545625

HF model is not as quite as finished a build, Woot Craftsman model has pneumatic lid lifts and recessed bolt heads on the supports, betcha there are other differences worth the extra $84?

The Harbor Freight cart is not the same as this one.

One good indication of quality is how long the manufacturer is willing to warrantee an item for. Craftsman/Waterloo is willing to stand behind their product for 5 years while Harbor Freight is willing to stand behind their product for 90 days.

Where did you get the list price from? Sears lists it as 349.99.

$244.88 directly from Sears (above Sears Outlet link is third party seller, sold out $419.99 reconditioned), 26 reviews, 3.5 stars (criticism include missing parts and difficult to assemble) vs.$189.99 here

My friend has the HF box and I was amazed at just how well built it is. I would gladly buy the HF over the Craftsman and keep the 90 dollars in my pocket. at the end of the day they are both made in an asian factory and probably the same one.

In reality if the box is going to have a problem youll find it when you load your tools into it. How many people buy a box and stuff it in a corner when you get it home? I know I dont.

One other specification of note is that the HF version has 4 drawers whereas the Craftsman has only 3 drawers.

This is the exact same tool box as the 3 drawer HF, minus the craftsman stickers and stamped hood.

HF also sells a 4 drawer for $50 more ( w coupon).

Same exact tool box.

Is the craftsman assembled? That’s worth the extra money. You have at least 50 nuts and bolts to screw together when you buy the HF.

The HF one is a little different:
HF Cart
It cannot support as much weight (Woot = 750 lbs HF = 580 lbs)
The pneumatics on craftsmans are built better and judging by the pictures (thats really all i have to look at) the hinges on HF do not look as well built. But thats just looking, I don’t really know.

All drawers are ball-bearing is what you really want. HF has an extra drawer.

Tossing quick observations and throwing the link up there for people.

Worth the $90 difference? idk, idc I’m not getting either one, but I do want to say and show they are not the same.
From the looks of just the capacity rating, the craftsman is built better.

Also, coupon link on HF is on their main page right now.

I have the HF version and have been using it for a little over a year. I picked it up in store with a coupon for like 90 bux or so. It gets used a few times a week (i fix cars as a hobby). All drawers open and close smoothly and the top is smooth to open. I have also used the top as a work station multiple times with no issue.

This looks to be very similar with the addition of pneumatic shocks and a better lock. These are nice additional featrures for some but for me it’s not worth the extra money.

I’d rather have a top drawer instead of the flip-up lid. Otherwise you’re stuck having to move everything off the top, or waste the space under it.

Hard to tell from pictures alone, but the HF one does look to be less sturdy, and lacks a number of features. Enough to pay $80 more though? Hard to say. But don’t rule out the advantages of flush edges, those sides of those damned handles can really rip clothing if you’re not careful to FULLY close the drawers.

Were it in red to match the rest of my Craftsman boxes I’d snap one up.

I buy lots of oitems from Harbor Freight. There are some that are of very questionable quality, but I don’t remember ANYTHING I have purchased from HF being unusable. Sometimes, I have to run to Lowes and buy different screws or lockwashers (infrequently), but the cost difference matters.

OK, this is my first post on woot, so please don’t be too critical.

I was thinking about getting this for my husband as a gift. He has a larger Craftsman tool chest that I got him as a Christmas gift that he seems to really like and an older Craftsman tool chest that he has had since before we met. I liked that this was more mobile.

After seeming some of the posts about the Harbor Freight cart, I checked that one out too.

Here is what I was able to find:

I looked at the four drawer tool cart on Harbor Freight, I didn’t see a 3 drawer unit.

HF - 580 lb capacity
Craftsman - 750 lbs
This seems to be because of the casters. I can’t find the dimensions of the casters for the Harbor Freight product, to compare it to the Craftsman.

HF 5,500 cubic inches
Craftsman 15,395 cubic inch capacity
I don’t understand why there is such a discrepancy here, I am assuming that Sears is counding the bottom and Harbor Freight is not. I could find the dimensions for the Craftsman drawers, but not for the Harbor Freight drawers, so I couldn’t compare them.

I can’t find the weight for the Harbor Freight cart to compare with the 99 lbs for the Craftsman. This would be the kicker for me. If it weighs the same, I would assume that the steel was of similar quality.

Those who have the Harbor Freight box, do you know how much it weighed after you put it together? Or does anyone know where I can find this? Right now I am leaning towards the Craftsman, just based on the fact that it has a higher overall capacity and because of the better warranty.

The dimensions are in the manual on the HF site. 16-3/4” x 21-
3/4” x 2-3/4” each drawer.

No weight info that I saw