Craftsman GripLatch Utility Cart

**Item: **Craftsman GripLatch Utility Cart
Price: $169.99
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Condition: New

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7/22/2013 - $189.99 - 31 comment(s)

Sorry woot!, but IMO Harbor Freight is better and cheaper on these wheeled boxes with the open bottom . . . For full on old school tool chests, I’ll still buy Craftsman (with bearings) over anything else - but the off brand / store brand importers have Sears beat to death on this type of rolling “utility” cart. We demand a LOT from this type of cart and my technicians pummel them pretty good in the shop and they are standard in all our service vehicles (Sprinters), Craftsman doesn’t last nearly as long . . . This one for $119 has been especially long lasting (with plenty of abuse). The trick is to buy it with a shipping coupon or at the store, as they ding you pretty good to ship this heavy monster. If you look around for a (free) shipping coupon / code, or call their toll free number, they’ll usually waive shipping surcharges if you buy more than one cart or are buying several hundred dollars at once. If you are not near a Harbor Freight (HF) store, this woot! would be an excellent value. As a FYI - the HF version will go on deeper sale (with free shipping) around Father’s Day and Christmas.

Solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at

Nothing has changed since you offered this item about 2 weeks ago. Harbor Freight still sells an almost identical rolling cabinet (except the HF cabinet has 4 rather than only 3 drawers) at a savings of $55…and both are made in China. Just go to the HF webpage and scroll down a quarter page…there it is. No shipping charge, as you can buy it in a HF store near you.

I see a problem. In most work areas big flat surfaces become storage for something. That something would need to be moved before opening the lid.

Don’t close the lid.

I bought this item a few weeks ago from woot. It showed up to my door destroyed from the shipping process. Woot was good with the return, but parts of this cart were nearly bent in half. It’s flimsy. It might be okay if you don’t plan on putting a beating down on it, but don’t expect anything too high quality.

Better yet, buy one that doesn’t have a lid.

I own two of these carts ( HF model) and I completely understand your conclusion that they are flimsy. However, they are really not flimsy…they may be vulnerable while in a knocked down state in a shipping case. When they are completely assembled, the cart’s strength and integrity is much enhanced, making them very strong in appearance and in practice. Made in China does not always translate to poor quality.

I can see what you’re saying. Looking at the picture of the assembled tool chest, it looks that the parts that did bend in shipping (side of drawer section, bottom shelf, metal part of legs) are well protected by those heavy plastic shells on the legs once assembled.

I had the same exact problem with both this cart and the limited edition white craftsman rolling tool box. Both showed up to my door severely damaged. In both cases woot said they could not offer a replacement (go figure, as since ordering mine a month ago I’ve seen this thing on woot two more times!)

In both cases the items were too large for me to ship back myself, so I was screwed.

Woot customer service was a nightmare, my every reply to their communications was picked up by another support rep with no context for the ordeal I went through. I sent pics, let them know how I’ve been a woot customer for over 8 years and spend a few grand a year at least on woot, but they only offered me a pathetic $60 back for this product, and $40 for the other, more expensive product. And I don’t even know if I ever got the $60 back because they have not contacted me. I used to really love woot, but now I’m starting to worry that they just don’t care. Please prove me wrong woot.

In both cases more than $60 was spent in labor and materials to repair the damage, and both products still show a lot of scarring.

Things have not been so pleasant now that WOOT is owned by Amazon. It’s a shame. I’ve loved them both separately but now that they have mingled, things are not so nice.
Prestige shipping is a disaster, damaged products are not always handled well, many products listed are just very poorly rated Amazon products that aren’t moving without an appropriate discount.
Bad form WOOT - we do notice these things!

Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in since all comments are negative today. In the past year or two the Dyson vacuum I bought was broken, the glasses with etching that came off once I washed them and a TV with sound problems were the only items I had problems with from Woot. They quickly sent out a new part for my vacuum, paid for shipping and refunded me for the TV and told me to keep the glasses and refunded me.

So yes, I’ll keep shopping from Woot and if the product their selling isn’t what I want I’ll just log off until the following day. I won’t sit here and complain & moan that I can get a DIFFERENT toolbox from Harbor Freight for cheaper. If Woot had the Lexus RX 350 for $20,000.00 some of you would complain that you could buy a Suzuki Sidekick for cheaper and reason that their both made in Japan and have 4 wheels and a steering wheel.

I really think it would depend on the color and features they were offered in and if they had $5.00 shipping or free shipping.

I am one of the first to complain on this forum if Woot is offering an item which can easily be beat by the price of another retailer. I believe that this is something that Woot would want to know because it’s my interest to make Woot better so that they could serve me and all of us better. I believe that Woot provided this forum for that very purpose.

Which I totally agree with. But they aren’t comparing the same unit. It’s a totally different toolbox. The unit from Harbor Freight even has an extra drawer. I’m all for comparing the exact same product! Craftsman also has a lifetime warranty on some of their products. Toolboxes are usually only one year.

I don’t mean to sound harsh here, but this is a little harsh. You obviously aren’t up to date on craftsman tools as-of-late. Craftsman tools are now made in China. Their “lifetime” guarantee is limited, and doesn’t cover everything. Go try to get them to make good on that warranty and see how that goes. You don’t get a new tool, you get a broken one that they “repaired”.

On the other hand, Harbor Freight gives no illusion that their stuff isn’t made in China. To me, their stuff is nearly identical to the craftsman boxes and they even offer higher end ones with ball bearing slides. Walking through the store and getting the hands-on demo makes me think twice about ever buying a craftsman box. As for their tools, the “Pittsburg” tools now also have a lifetime warranty. I broke a ratcheting box-end wrench from a set. I brought the whole set in and they gave me a brand new set. That is how Sears used to be, no more.

To address the comment on complaining. No, I don’t believe this is complaining. It is an observation about price and value. The OP of the HF comment was merely pointing out that you can get a tool box of equal or greater quality for a cheaper price, making this not a deal.

I am inclined to agree with him/her.

Mine showed up the other day. Box was beat up pretty well. Finally unboxed it last night. The top big part didn’t ship well. Every corner is bent or crushed. I’m sure its not worth the postage to try to get it fixed. Next time, I’ll think before ordering a large heavy item.

I’m sorry for the trouble. I checked out the sale page, it looks like there’s a 5yr Waterloo Industries warranty. They may be able to help with the damaged parts. Additionally, you can always email Woot Member Services for help. If you email Woot, be sure to include your user name and order ID for quicker service.