Craftsman GripLatch Utility Cart

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Good reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at

[NOTE] Woot! did get back to me eventually, and I have added a new post below accordingly [/NOTE]

I picked this up from woot on a previous go-around, and I have to strongly suggest that anyone considering it pass. Not based strictly on the product, just on buying it here.

The first one showed up with most of the assembly hardware in a separate box where the delivery guy had been collecting it, and the rest of it gone forever in transit out of one of the giant holes in the package. The cart was pretty badly dented, and the nuts and bolts that hadn’t made it out of the shipping box spent their time scratching up the paint.

Woot’s options were keep it for a $20 refund, return it, or get a replacement, which due to the fact that the shipping box disintegrated as soon as I opened it was a joke, since I had nothing to ship it back in. Unfortunately I hadn’t been there to refuse the shipment in the first place.

I ended up getting a replacement, which showed up with dents and scratches as well but with all of it’s parts, and used a combination of both boxes and a roll of tape to send the first one back. I asked for some consideration for still receiving a damaged product and got no response.

Bottom line, don’t bother getting this shipped, especially from woot!. Buy one in person, assembled if you can, or better yet pick up one of the Harbor Freight models if you want to spend even less than the woot! price. This cart is well made and barring rust in the gouges it should last me a long time, but I can’t speak for the harbor freight products.

I bought this in July for $190 (grrr). It arrived in perfect condition. There were exactly the right number and types of pieces needed for construction. The machining tolerance was perfect, so assembly was a breeze. The thing’s built like a tank. I’m pleased.

The “please forgive my rockstar poser affectations; I’m really a nice guy with some minor psychoses” bit in the product writeup instantly brought me back to Opus’s panel of this classic strip:

Thanks for the memories, w00t copywriter!

I picked one up last time as well. It arrived well packed and was easy, yet somewhat time consuming, to assemble. I’m pleased with it.

Picked it up during the last woot off. There was an issue with one of the parts (was not a result of delivery) but woot issued money back and I just reordered the part again through sears. I guess it depends who ships it really depends on the shipping company and woot has nothing to do with it. Other than that its a great item and pretty easy to put together.

Got mine last woot. It arrived in good condition CRAZY FAST (not quite within 24 hours, but not much longer than that). I was not expecting it – let’s put it that way.

This is kind of a pain to put together. It has 60-some bolts, washers, and very tight drag nuts. They say to assemble “finger-tight” first, but finger-tight on the drag nuts was not nearly assembled enough, so it was more like wrench together most of the way, then tighten at the end.

Some of the exploded drawings did not show the washers, so you have to guess where they go.

I think in all of that hardware, they gave me one extra nut, so I was lucky I didn’t lose anything.

I’d have paid a little more to have it assembled by political prisoners^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H factory workers. Would have been much better shipped in two pieces instead of many – could have been welded then as well.

It’s together now, and seems straight enough and sturdy. The lift-top has a little bit of a warp to it.

I don’t know if I thought about the form factor enough before buying it. To keep access to your tools, you can’t stack anything on it, and guess what happens to a clear waist-high table surface in the garage?!

“Where did the tool cart go?”

hahahaha This is funny to me. It’s one of those things you’d NEVER EVER think about before buying, but yet, something all of us will have happen.

I ordered three of these to update my shop. Sadly all were destroyed in shipping. It seems UPS dropped them off the back of the truck repeatedly. Waiting to hear back from Woot on how to resolve this mess.

Woot has provided labels to return the three carts. FedEx picked them up yesterday. I’ll update again once a refund has been processed.

{update 2}
Refund has been processed. Woot is great. Still sad I wasn’t able to get a non-crushed one of these carts.

Just wanted to offer an update on this product.

Apparently I was not the only person to experience trouble with this item in shipping, but my issues were not universal. I’m glad that some of you were able to receive it in the intended condition!

I also was eventually contacted by Woot!, who apologized for the issues I had with shipping and offered a much more reasonable partial refund for my trouble and still damaged replacement. I am now officially OK with Woot!'s response at this point, but without naming any names I still won’t ever trust the poo-colored shipper with any large/heavy items like this in the future, at least to this address.