CRAFTSMAN Jump Starter 1000 Peak Amp

CRAFTSMAN Jump Starter 1000 Peak Amp

Why can they never get that one photo right , every single time they put his on Woot??

Is it that hard to either get the correct photo or just photoshop over the “1200” or just remove that one?

a) I don’t recall anyone pointing it out
b) imported direct from Amazon

I’ll see about removing the photo.

Description states “110V AC outlet”
Please confirm as the only 110VAC connector I see in the photos is for charging the jump starter.

Hi there. Not exactly sure what you’re asking. it’s this one on Amazon:

Both Amazon and Woot ads state “This unit also functions as a portable power station with a 12V DC port, 110V AC outlet, and four-port USB hub” which means I should be able to plug in and use a 110v power tool or light for example. I’m not seeing a 110V female outlet in the pics. Thanks

Thanks… I know it is not a “Big deal” but 200 watts is 200 watts!! :slight_smile:

Yep, we removed that photo.


In lieu of a more definitive answer from Woot! or anyone else who has bought this, I’m going to go with no this cannot power 110V devices. There is no mention of an onboard inverter. If there was an 110VAC inverter it would be a major selling point and would also state the maximum wattage. The 110V AC “outlet” appears to be for charging only (and is the only method of charging).

The Amazon listing indicates the 12VDC outlet is 6A max, so if you wanted to connect an external inverter you would be limited to less than 72W.

It says it will but we’re unable to find a photo of the top. We pulled this from Amazon so we don’t have a lot of info on it.

There’s very little information for it anywhere. It’s not listed on the Craftsman site. As such cannot find the manual so cannot verify any of the specs.

One of the Amazon reviewers posted photos. No outlets on top:

Amazon has the same bullet points which mentions the 110V AC outlet, but further down their long description does not mention it:

“The CRAFTSMAN CMXCESM281 is the only tool you need for reliable jump starting and portable power. The CRAFTSMAN CMXCESM281 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter and Portable Power Station features a microprocessor-controlled jump starter that fully automates engine starting. With 1000 peak amps this jump starter features enough power to consistently jump start up to V8 engines. The built-in 4-gauge, 30-inch booster cables with heavy-duty metal clamps ensure secure connections and efficient transfer of power. A reverse hook-up alarm alerts the user if the clamps are reversed, preventing damage to your vehicle and the unit. The second major function of the CRAFTSMAN CMXCESM281 is as a portable power station. In addition to a 12V 6A DC port to power DC devices, the unit features a four-port USB hub. The hub features four 2.4A USB ports optimized for Apple and Android devices. Other features include a built-in LED area light, a digital display, and LED indicators.”

Yeah, not a lot of info. Our buyer went sleuthing and said

"For the model we are selling, According to the manual this is the 110 outlet, but requires an adapter. "