Craftsman Laser Trac Level

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Craftsman Laser Trac Level
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Uh oh, probably 100’s of these!

Oh, man … it never ends.

This turkey gained infamy in the last Woot-Off …

gobble, freakin’ gobble.

I hear these Craftsman Laser Trac Levels make GREAT stocking stuffers for teh kids… should probably order a few

Looks like there are a large amount of these. Anyone know if a BOC ever shows up in the wee hours of the morning?

This baby’s $30 at + $6 shipping.

Good deal.

Got one for the fiance…good Christmas present. And it’s only 4.99.

Yep… Should be on kids.woot… They will LOVE looking at the pretty red light!>…

I just took 3 for the team. I’m going to setup a laser shield in my room to scare away the monsters at night.

great animal toys, they will chase them for hours.

So, while we’ve got this down time to share … anyone want to share their favorite WOOT vocabulary screen substitutions?

I just used the word “turkey” in a post and WOOT’s software changed it to “turducken” …

Anyone got a favorite?

Don’t see if you are sensitive.

This was used on this:

Um…I bought one of these earlier TODAY for $15.

Works pretty good, actually.

What does this thing do… does it vibrate? o.O

These are awesome for playing laser tag with! Don’t believe me?? Get three and have your buddies get three and try it out!


No bag o crap? Geez!

i am getting sleepy

wrapping this up for xmas with plans for new cottage to be built on our property. thanks, woot!

features on and off switch SICK