Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest & Cabinet

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Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest & Cabinet
Price: $249.99
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Time to learn all about the warranty

I bought a Craftsman rolling tool cabinet exactly 23 years ago. It’s basically the same cabinet we have here today with fewer draws and a slightly different style. I still use it today and it looks as good as the day I bought it. I never had any kind of problem with the cabinet…not with the drawers and not with the wheels. All this cabinet does is look good and holds whatever kind of tools you put in the drawers.

Seeing this on Woot always reminds me of that scene from one of the Home Alone movies (either 1 or 2, pretty sure it’s 1) where he pushes it down the stairs. Ah, memories.

What is the Quiet Glide drawer system? I seem to remember past offers for these where people mentioned that the really good Craftsman tool chests have ball bearing slides. Is “Quiet Glide” just a euphemism for “cheaper”?

Is this chest worth the $250? Help me out, grease monkeys!

EDIT: NM, it was well covered in the previous offers as linked by wootstalker. Not ball bearing slides.

The myth doesn’t add up. In the specifications they say that each drawer can hold up to 50 lbs weight. They also say that the total weight load is 750 lbs. Well I’d found on the math 18x50=900 not 750. Something here doesn’t add up.

I have this tool chest (both) and I keep the top drawers set at the rear atop the larger one, so I have that extra bit of shelf in the front. Of course, stuff piles up and when I go to open the bottom drawer on the top unit…uh-oh!=:-)

It’s all good as mine has a drawer like shelf that will catch whatever that drawer catches and pushes forward

Good tip about moving the top unit towards the front so you can store aerosol cans in the rear…I might try that just to do something different with mine

BTW, I’ve had mine a long time. Father-In-Law bought it for me as a gift from Sears in Key West when we lived in the lower Fla. Keys (yes, we were big pioneers=:-)

Al passed away in the early 90’s and I recall him buying it a few years before then so, I’ve had it awhile…and have received good service from it. No problems ever and I lived in the salty environment with that box down there stored under the house, so it got all the elements thrown at it. Good paint on it has kept the rust at bay. If they’re still making them like the one I have, buy it!

I’ve been looking at roll-aways/tool chests at Home Depot and Harbor Freight. This has more drawers and is cheaper than both stores; hopefully Craftsman will also be better quality. I’m in for one.

I wonder if this is made of the thinner gauge metal crap that Sear Craftsman is making now

‘Odd’ how the part #'s don’t even show up at so you can try to get more detail.

These rolling chests are made of much thinner metal than you might remember from years ago. We got a black one at our clinic for use as a crash cart. I saw it, thought great a strong purchase but when I first opened it up and used it, I thought someone had sent us a knock off. It was very flimsy. I would not buy this without touching one first. Here is a discussion from 3 years ago on this.


if you live near a Sears Outlet Store, pop in and look at their prices for new boxes in their stores. 3 weeks ago, I purchased two of the six drawer large boxes brand new for $99 each. (The ones on the bottom in the pics). on another occasion, I purchased a black version of the same chest for 130. this was in Columbus oh. YMMV, but I have been able to beat this price in the Outlet store. (products new in box).

Don’t let the “quiet glide” deter you.

I have the triple stacked set of these that I’ve had for about 10 years now. They are probably holding more than they should, and they have never had any issues gliding in or out. They don’t have that cheap feeling ,they still feel very smooth and fluid in movement.

Mine still looks and functions as brand new over all the years.

Not sure it’s a “myth”. Each drawer has a load rating (50 lb), and the overall chest has a load rating (750 lb). The casters and base frame are limited to 750 lb.

Here is your TBT comparison

This is a good suggestion for may cabinets like this. However, for this set the top cabinet is almost as deep as the bottom cabinet so there isn’t room to put much of anything down.

I bought this the last time it was offered and have been happy with it. Check the measurements, though. It was substantially larger than I imagined.

I had bought a craftsman tool set from Sears website and it was made in Taiwan. When I went to the return the set, Craftsman only had one wall of made in USA stuff. The tools didn’t seem as sturdy as the made in USA ones my dad hads. I’m sure it isn’t as good as people saying their 20 year old one is.

Craftsman today is not the same as Craftsman of years ago. Today you get poorly made Chinese junk. Why do you think their stores are pretty much empty.

Think of it like the Warranty on your car… 100,000 Miles or 3 Years, whichever comes first :slight_smile: