Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest & Cabinet

Actually, the Red Set at Harbor Freight appears and feels to be very well made. Nice thick metal compared to their brown one which is very light weight and flexible.

After some hesitation, I bought this the last time it was offered (a few months ago). Debates about Craftsman of years gone vs. today aside, this is a good solid tool chest. The drawers are not full ball bearing, but have no problem opening or closing smoothly when filled. Assembly is nothing more than putting the caster wheels on the bottom chest. I’ve been very happy with mine so far.

It really depends on the use, doesn’t it? I’ve had both slide and ball bearing drawers on different toolboxes at work. If I’m going to be into the box many times a day, then I prefer the smoothness of ball bearings.

On the other hand, for occasional use at home, where I’m likely to be in it once a day, or once a week, slides are probably just fine.

I have seen good slides and crappy slides though.

And if you’re going to horribly overload the drawers, then ball bearings are the way to go.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Got this deal last time it was around for my boyfriend. Very good for the money & nice drawers. The only downside we has with it was that it arrived with a ding in the lower half of the left side but other than that, it was in perfect condition. If you’re in need of a home garage took box, I suggest this one. :slight_smile:

Common sense tells us that in the smaller drawers you are not going to be able to fit tools weighing 50 lbs. You right though the specs description could have been more detailed but I didn’t have a problem seeing the picture the ad was attempting to show.

It adds up just fine. What they are saying is each drawer can hold 50 pounds which is a rail and chasis limit, but they don’t expect you to load each to the max, especially the tiny ones, the 750 is a wheel and frame limit.

Not that good of a deal. You can get this same set up from the sears outlets for 189.00.

The sears outlet is selling the “homeowner” version - which carries a one year warranty. The one on Woot has a three year warranty, so it’s a “standard” level.

These are not your father’s Oldsmobile.

This is a great idea in theory. The problem with it is that the steel at the back of the bottom cabinet acts as a support for the top cabinet. Basically, you’re risking the top of the bottom cabinet giving way because of the weight of the top if you move it. The back wall is load bearing.

It adds up. Up to 50lb per drawer and up to 750lb per cabinet, which includes the top platform and whatever is on it.
The per-drawer capacity is a separate limit from the per-cabinet limit, and the chest’s cumulative capacity depends upon the number of drawers and cabinet details.
I have two Craftsman cabinets, and they will carry more than 50lb per drawer, but are tough to open and flex a bit when overloaded.

I purchased this from woot, last time around (~1 mo ago).

after reading comments, on shipping, problems, I asked to cancel order. -they shipped it anyway, but told me not to open and return unopened.

-it did arrive badly banged up, (as best I could tell), ripped box, looked like it was dropped.

the good news, is I found the same bottom box on sears outlet, for 99, and a similar top box for 89.
locally at the outlet.

ask, if you order, and its damaged, what happens.

PS: this looks very similar to my 20+ yr old box. -not sure about construction, but its holding my tools fine.

Yes this is made of the thinner stuff. If you buy the Heavy Duty chests they are a bit thicker and usually get ball bearing drawers as well.

Yep, shipping issues with woot. returned, and got the bottom box from sears outlet for less. -and able to inspect before paying.

It does add up. Each drawer can hold up to 50 lbs., but let’s assume for arguments sake that the wheels can only hold 750 lbs. combined. That would just mean you can’t load every drawer to the max.

I own a mix of these. My top and bottom are the thinner metal, quiet glide style cabinets, and the middle chest is a thicker “profession” version with ball bearings. The glides drawers work fine, but can be frustrating as you have to push them closed “just so”. Since the idea is that you probably have a tool in your hand, you’ll push off center or unevenly and the drawer binds. I do spray my glides with lithium grease every year though. The bearing drawers are really nice and well worth it. They move easily and don’t bind up.

As for the concern about metal thickness, consider this: over the last 30 years we’ve made improvements to steel and the manufacturing process.It doesn’t have to be as thick as it was, and as a matter of fact it isn’t always telling of quality. Sometimes steel is thicker because it’s from a cheaper country. That being said, I think partly why my ball bearing drawers don’t bind up is because they are just a little stiffer than the other drawers.

I have a 10 year old set as well. I wouldn’t assume the quality is the same as 10 years ago. I wanted another one and went to Sears to get one recently, and they are not the same.

I ended up with a used one off craigslist. The old ones are just better. They feel stronger. They weigh more. They roll smoother…

My SO got me this for Christmas, what a great tip, thanks!

True about the little shelf in front of the top box. I solved this by putting the things I rarely use in the bottom drawer of the top box.