Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest & Cabinet



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Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest & Cabinet
Price: $249.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Feb 27 to Friday, Feb 28) + transit
Condition: New


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11/19/2013 - $249.99 - 34 comment(s)


I paid the very same price for this back in 1995.


How much assembly is required?

Anyone know if the drawers are on ball bearings?


I will say this as a long time owner/abuser of a craftsman chest that has the ball bearing slides.

i am not a huge fan given the cost - and I got mine at a great price. The glides, when working do a great job. The main problem I have is the notion that I had that sears would stand behind this chest. They don’t beyond 90 days. I had several glides loose their ability to stay closed so the drawers tend to open all the time.

I admit I have a lot of tools so mine are getting hard use but I am within the weight limit I think. AS an example I probably have well over 50 lbs in every drawer. Replacing the glides is expensive and if the much sturdier ball bearing ones don’t last I would be amiss to recommend this to anyone but those only using it for lighter duty.

The problem is anything really sturdy like snap on or mac are so expensive they are out of reach. So just don’t expect this to be long lasting or backed by sears.


very little assembly. And after all anyone with enough tools to need a full sized chest putting the handles/castors on shouldn’t take but a few minutes.

Almost assuredly not ball bearings. Craftsman usually has a small, but visible plate on the front of chests with ball bearing glides. Not to say they don’t exist but I have not seen one with ball bearing glides not carrying the badge.


Check out this helpful tip from @elguappo from the last sale


Shipping kills it. But for reals, is this a good deal or should I hold out for Father’s Day sales? How does this compare to the “heavy duty” ones sold at Sears?


I have two similar Craftsman rolling chests/top chests nearing 20 years old. When I first assembled them I greased the slides generously and they have held up well. One I used in a machine shop but have since brought home.

Not the highest quality but perfectly suited for the homeowner/hobbyist and priced accordingly. You can spend less and get crap, or you can spend a lot more for the professional grade. This is in a nice sweet spot of value below the point of diminishing returns.


This is NOT COVERED by Craftsman’s Lifetime Warranty, that is only for hand tools.

It was mentioned before, but I wanted to reiterate.


If these don’t have ball bearings, don’t waste your money.


Uh…you can buy the base for 100 and the top cabinet for 80 at sears outlet…


Sears is having a BIG sale on tools right now. I was actually in one today, and they are selling the 13-drawer heavy-duty one for only $50 more. (It’s a buy the top and bottom, get the middle section free type of deal.)


Okay, that link doesn’t show the sale price. This one should, in the first one…


Not surprised to see this:

‘would you believe it: we shipped it in a weak box’

Sadly yeah, woot you know you’ve earned that belief…just like the delivery I got yesterday from woot of a tool put in a box 3x the size of the tool with no packing as usual so and the box looks as expected - like a heavy object inside battered it. I’ve got other cracked & dented items (i.e. 6 acro mills cabinets) I’ve had to pound out apon receipt from woot. This latest time the item seems undamaged but it shows woot still doesn’t care a bit about protecting our merchandise & trying for a safe delivery. It certainly effected my work & play shopping with them & I have to argue to myself some offer price is worth the risk, disappointment, and hassle of asking for & making a return.

Caveat emptor especially with items like sheet metal cabinets or plastic case tools that can easily be scratch, dented, fractured, or crushed on arrival because they’re seemingly packed with no care what so ever about customer expectations.


i bought this last time it was up here a couple months ago. it arrived in 2 very large boxes, fully assembles. the bottom unit was perfect, but there were 2 defects with the top. first, one of the drawers would grind when it was opened/closed. second, when the top was sitting on the base, it wobbled like a table that had one leg that was too long/short. i contacted sears, waterloo (the manufacturer), and then finally woot about it, and no one would replace just the top. finally i get a response from woot saying to send both units back, but i wasn’t about to try and ship something this large back to them, so i tried fixing it myself. i wobbled the drawer back and forth and found where it was grinding, and was luckily able to bend some metal by hand and get it to move freely. then, i lifted the top unit up and dropped it on the ground, on the ‘long legged’ corner of it, until i was able to straighten out the bottom. after all that hassle, i eventually solved both problems and have both units working as they should. now that they work, the bearingless glides actually work pretty well and this holds a lot of stuff. be sure to get yourself some of those nonstick drawer liners, you’ll need about 3 rolls of it to cover everything.


Assembly is pretty much “put top box on top of the bottom box.” OK, I exaggerate… I think you have to bolt the wheels on, too.

Craftsman’s “Quiet Glide” drawers are not ball bearing, but the work great. I’ve owned a set of these for 10+ years, and I’ve had no problem with opening and closing heavily loaded drawers. I would peg these as Sear’s middle quality set; much better than their “homeowner” quality boxes.


Shipping kills…what do you mean? Is shipping expensive?


A word of caution if you have young children. Kids like to open drawers, my friends son tried to open every drawer at once. He narrowly avoided disaster as the entire box fell forward. Granted, this was a snap-on box with smooth drawer glides but any toolbox shaped like this can be dangerous in a home, use with caution and keep it locked up or away from toddlers altogether.


Check out the Harbor Freight boxes. Well reviewed, excellent bang for the buck.