Crane Technique

He’s missing the bowl of soup on his head.

Greeat… Another Karate Kid knockoff. At least this one made me laugh…

I feel bad for the carp…

I’m such a geek. I love this shirt!

That Crane’s got style.

And now, young grasshopper, I teach you the oldest and most secret of techniques…the art of the w00t shirt.

cool shirt! i’ll have to sleep on it though.

Sweep the Leg!

You gotta love the Japanese technique. Without it, it’s just another movie theme shirt.

I think that fish is a goner. That crane could catch a fly with chopsticks.

He looks disgusted that he is stepping in water.

Very artsy!

Miyagi informed Daniel in regards to the Crane Technique - “if do right, no can defense.”

In the Karate Kid II final battle, Chozen easily blocks the attack.

Maybe he didn’t do it right.

Did he get the wax off?

o koi…

sorry, but that crane has poor form.

What is the sound of one wing flapping?

I bought this shirt at RIPT back in November, reminded me of this one. Shirts like this are so cute.

PS: Loopy, if you’re out there, I love it!

What’s with the fish? Shouldn’t the crane be fighting a snake?

This is bad crane technique: