Crap Eat Crap

Denied. Bots got it again.

Crap Eat Crap
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Monday, Feb 16 to Thursday, Feb 19) + transit
Condition: Really Crappy


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Managed to get it into my cart, but was forced to log in again and lost it :frowning:


So fast… .missed it


I wasn’t gonna bother, but I did. My wife isn’t gonna be happy. Sigh.

DAMMIT! that was the closest i have ever been. i had it in my cart and everything! what was there… one of those?!

I was like godspeed there, got one. :slight_smile:

I got it au naturel!

Woot signed me out AGAIN!!!

refreshed community page… as SOON as it came up, it was in my cart ~ proceed to checkout & NOPE!!! YOU HAVE TO LOG IN!!! aaaaaaaaaaaand it’s gone!


Mean the “first woot” ones haha.

Guessing this is a two-day woot-off. Bed time for now since this is near impossible.

Well…that was crappy.
Managed to refresh in time, clicked, added, shopping carted…

And get told that I was abusing the system and wasn’t allowed to buy it because I was cheating the woot-off. Of course, by the time I went back to the main page and back to the shopping cart, it was sold out but not in time to take back the click to purchase the cart. So I’m done for the night ~ already paid my shipping for the day and too annoyed to want to try again and pay more shipping. Boo.

Nuts for me.

Finally after like a zillion added to cart and failed! got one ! :slight_smile:

I got the “shalt not cheat the wootoff” too, but I got there by clicking through buttons… what does that message mean?

Congrats on your first post.

Prompt a forced log in BEFORE the Bandoleer of Carrots pops up. To do this, put an item in your cart when whatever is for sale is at ~5% and then proceed to check out. You will be forced to log in. Remove the item from your cart. You will not need to re-log to buy your Bandoleer of Carrots.

Refresh the Community Page, NOT the Woot! front page.

Also, stop whining.

Have you already bought a Bandoleer of Carrots in the last 7 days?