Crap for Tomorrow

Oooh, I look forward to being disappointed

Disappointment will be yours… in 8-10 days.

Can’t wait for disappointment!

Just happened to click on Home and there it was. And actually still is.

Best thing is, Search for Tomorrow was the first soap Mom watched.


Wouldn’t log me on, still won’t, weird.

Just randomly stumbled across this one. Thanks woot gods.

I love being disappointed, though my son loves surprises boxes and he is only 2. Guess this will be a fun surprise.

Love being part of the “family” and not needing to wait in the wootoff to miss it anyway!

What’s happenning? Anything else in your cart?

Well that was a surprise… Saw the link on the front page for the BoC, clicked it, bought it, no hassle, no slow website just went right through. Thanks Woot!

Nope, just sits there spinning. I think it’s just slowness, as even navigating is taking a while. All other websites seem to be okay though. New products are taking long to actually update too, sometimes 2 minutes after twitter updates.

Are you sure the Mrs. hasn’t put wootblocker on your pc? ha ha

I’m not seeing that here. Restart?

Haha, I’m at work (shhh). Finally got logged back in though.

Already did, seems to just be woot for me too, but no worries, I’ll deal with it.

This will be the one with a letter in it…I can feel the disappointment now :slight_smile:

You know, I just looked at my purchase history. In the 10 years Ive been buying from woot, this will be my 4th BOC and my second in the last 12 months… I had like an 8 year hiatus of being lucky enough to get some BoCs, then 2 in a year!

How am I always missing these by mere minutes?

in for 1

Woo hoo!

Gotta use your email address these days