Crap O'Clock (Title by daveinwarshingto

Tick tock goes the Crap O’Clock!

That lasted a minute…

got it!

Just not what it used to be. Used to be I couldn’t ever buy and then hit the comments before sellout. Meh must be really taking everyone.

got one

It’s an addiction, I’m sure. But I’ve got one coming (again) Yee Haw!

Omg I got one!

Missed by -----> <----- that much

Woohoo I got my BOC!

that was easy. im almost coming to expect the order to go through, and using my cellphone no less.


I randomly checked Woot just now, no prompt, and got lucky by seeing the BoC for sale!

This is my third BoC in six years. I never get anything good from it, but one can hope, can’t he?

My first BoC was the most disappointing: 1/2 a toy set (an RC thing with just the remote, the actual toy was missing), an electric screwdriver missing the charger/battery/screwbits, and more useless stuff…

I can’t fault the company since they have great deals and this is an aptly named gamble (BoC----).

It’s been six years of abuse. Maybe the third time’s the charm?

Baguettes of Cheese! I got one! Easy Peasy!

I received an order confirmation – then a cancelation.
How can they do that? Don’t they have systems in place to prevent this?
Seems they need improvements.

As a vegetarian and a proud owner of a Bandolier of Carrots T Shirt, I am quite pleased with myself to have won a BOC

Congrats on the title daveinwarshington!

7 years and 3 months, I have been Wooting, and I have collected a lot of crap over the years-some useful and and some, not so much. I can finally say however that despite spending my life’s savings it has all been worthwhile, now that I will soon have my very own Bag of Crap.

Got one! Amazing since I wasn’t even signed in, but I got it!

You must not have Time Warner Cable Internet then!

ha ha. Page Plus cellular. like the others say, as somewhat disappointed as I end up with the crap, I love the unknown and tracking weight, and the unveiling. good times.