CRAP! Offical Thread for Dec 23, 25, 31 and all in between!!!

Hey all! Happy Haunakkah and Merry Christmas! Finally, a return to Christmas Crap. ENJOY!

REMEMBER! I love photos! Post photos of what you get!

Not sure how to post a pic? Just go over here. We’ve got two sets of instructions to help you out.

So remember! No taking your BOC and running off with it.

You gotta share. That’s what’s so fun about them. Join the community! Post away. Guess what you may get. What are you hoping for?

REMEMBER TO POST Dec 12 went over 15% which is great but I know y’all can do better!!!

Let’s talk!

Quick & Dirty Instructions for Imgur!


Why did I get:

Denied: We ran out of BOCs before we even took your money so we denied your order to end the process.

Canceled: We ran out of BOCs right after we had processed your payment. We cancelled the order to reverse the payment.

Prepare for:

Gif courtesy of drgandalf


Can we post non Christmas crap here?

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Been stuck in the VOP on my phone for 13 minutes now. Guess I should give up, eh? LOL

And Merry Christmas to you, too, TT!

Aw, no luck? I’m sorry.

It’s been sold out for few minutes now. Sorry wolf I think you might be sool. :sob:

hehe, yes, I agree. Never seen anything like it, though. Screen is still on VOP. And it refreshes and everything. Been 24 minutes now.

Sure. I’m easy.

Yeah, system is still catching up on denied & cancels.

This is what y’all did to us:

Ooh, pointy!

Are there any extra Roombas over there? I’ll take one even if it doesn’t have a battery or wheels.
(I have an extension cord, and wheels are for suckers)

It made TT’s hair stand on end!

That’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Please send a really big box that my cats can play in. It could be filled with hundreds of bags of Texas air, just want the big box for the cats.

I also hope I get better crap than I did in the 12/12 bag. That was the worst bag I ever got.

Hopefully this one will not be too disappointing, it is Christmas after all! TT, maybe have the Woot God’s throw in a few scraps from the Amazon return pile to make it interesting and give us something to try and fix!

Where do the BOC get posted? The only time I have seen them is during Wootoff!

They can be found most often on the website, but at times can also be obtained via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Like TT said in the Happy Hour topic:

They’re all the same this time so go for it.

No, but there’s an iRobot gutter cleaning robot for sale on the app!