Crap Your Mom Says You Need For College

What’s the best advice your Mom ever gave you?

(And which of this stuff has caught your eye?)

Putting Crap in the title is just cruel…

I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see it. And look,
there’s Magnetbox and Sorny!

Where’s the close combat flashlight from the picture?

Yeah, what he said!

Picardie glasses are fantastic! I’ve had my original ones for 18 years. Just replenished/added to them about a year ago with a few new ones. You can’t tell which ones are the old ones and which ones are new.

They’re sturdy. If they do break, it’s tempered safety glass, so no jagged pieces. I have had two spontaneously break from my original set though.

If I had room in my cabinet, I’d buy a new set.

Oh, no! Does all this Snapware mean it’s the end of days for Lock & Lock? How will I get my L&L fix?

Why does the projection clock say it’s 37% off list price when it’s apparently only 33% off? (10 divided by 29.99 is only 33.34%…)

Edit: Oh – manual for the thing is at:

And reviews over at Amazon mostly complain about the fact that

  1. The projection and LCD display aren’t separate.
  2. Infrared sensor may be too sensitive for it to do any good if there’s any ambient infrared light around (say, direct sunlight.)

No one said that! (I have no idea.)

Hey woot!, I’d buy that flashlight if only it was for sale. (just check my purchase history)

They changed the picture! Darn it… I wanted that flashlight too :frowning:

I kind of like the clock, but the motion activated snooze would be bad for me. With four cats that jump and run to the offending alarm, one of them is bound to make it go into snooze mode and make me late for work…oh wait, I usually am anyway, I like that it projects the time though!

the silverware is made by the Oneida Cult

I just wanted to say I LOVE the candles…LOVE them. In fact - I am going to crunch numbers to see if I can squeezeout enough this week for a few more sets. One of my BEST buys ever. They are beautiful, everyone mentions them when they walk in (they are on my idland) & so safe. I haven’t had candles in years due to babies & boys & now I can have safety AND a beautiful candle. YAY!

They do smell good too - not terribly strong, but just a light fragrance. You might be able to smell them more in a small space like a poweder room, but in my open kitchen you never notice unless you are up close. It’s perfect, Dh hates things that are too strong. :slight_smile:

The sheets look great. When I lived in the dorm last year I bought terrible sheets. I wound up using queen size sheets because the twin XL ones were horrible. However, these look much better than the ones I bought, and they are much cheaper as well.

Sadly, I think their quality has gone down somewhat in recent years. (I’d guess since they restarted production under new management). Several of the ones I bought a little over 2 years ago have chips at the rim, some visible etching from the dishwasher, and originally came imperfect with at least a few small but visible bubbles and/or ripples in the glass. We’ve broken a few as well. One fell off the counter onto the kitchen floor just the other day and spread about a billion tiny pieces of glass across every inch of the room. I can attest that many of the resulting tiny pieces are in fact quite sharp.
Still, I’m considering this set to use as replacements for the broken/chipped ones and to have extras. The price is pretty decent.

Ah… My mom has some gems, and some coal… The best, and that which I am passing on to my son is this:
“Take care of your ‘insert favorite toy here’, because if it breaks, I am NOT going to buy you a new one.” It only took the loss of one favorite before I learned she meant business.

As far as here… Pretty good price for a heater/fan. If mine ever broke I might go for it. :wink:

Do people really take Oneida flatwear to college these days? I always bought the crappy stuff from the dollar store when I was that age. I didn’t feel so bad when someone walked off with a fork that cost me a dime.

Anyone know if the clock LED display is readable from a distance? The projection on my current clock is great, but you have to be up close to the clock to press the button that lights up the LED display to make it readable. Clock is almost useless in the daylight or if the projection is not in your line of sight.