Price: $10
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Jul 15 to Wednesday, Jul 20) + transit
Condition: New


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bagged one!

Why did I just buy this?

Got one. It’s nice that the servers are very quick now.


Got one! I can now rest in somewhat crappy peace, knowing that something crappy this way comes… eventually.

Bought. I am such an idiot.
Oh well, old habits die hard. As does Bruce Willis.

Happy Birthday Woot! and me ! SCORE!!

Got one! Can’t wait for the disappointment.

Got one! Happy birthday to you Woot!

Now I can go to bed and wait on the Prime sale in the morning.

Got one! Been a while since I was here, glad I came back :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!

Got mine! Happy Birthday Woot!!!

I’ll sleep well tonight.

I got one… First I’ve tried in a long time. Not sure what I have done…

Small Print:
$5 Crap + $5 Shipping


Subtotal (1)$10.00Shipping$5.00Discount/Coupon-$5.00Tax$0.80

So craps went up in price $5 to offset the “free shipping” lol?

do i detect an increase in the price of crap?

My first woot purchase since last years BOC!

even made me log back in (and I had refreshed my account less than 2 minutes before, but I still got one! Happy birthday (anniversary) WOOT!