Craptato, Craptahto

Woohoo… got one.

YAY!! I got one!!! My 2nd CRAP!


VoP’d for a while, but it went through. Yay.

Got one! amazing!

Got one. Yay?

Thanks auggie24, we’ll get right on that! Order #________ has been placed.

Sweet. Second one in a couple of months after years of not getting it. Hit the ‘waiting room’ on one screen, opened another screen and zipped on by the waiting room. Lucky Lucky.

Ha! Got one!

Wow. Several years trying and it looks like I got my first bandolier of carrots.

Got one, Thanks Woot! Happy BDAY!

So many people have bought BOCs that you can see the percentage tick instead of an immediate stock wipe.

Good luck everyone! 1st time I’ve seen one where I couldn’t buy it because I already got one - instead of because it was sold out!

Scored one earlier and can’t buy another, but it’s still sooooooo hard not to click that big gold bar!


I finally got one!!!

Bingo. Was kicked off and still logged back in to score

It is much harder to get a BOC today for sure. But I got one.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Got one!!! **** **