Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 28 to Tuesday, Nov 29) + transit
Condition: Crappier


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Did you miss it? Here are some Crappy Tips

1. Stay Logged In - When the current item reaches 5%, log out of woot and log back in to keep your session fresh
2. Keep your cart clean - Clear out any sold out items from your cart
3. Use WootStalker - It significantly increases your chances

Apparently the servers are smart enough to know if you’ve gotten a Bag on one of the parallel sites…

Holy cow I just got my very 1st bag of crap!! Yeeehhhhaaaaa!!

The more I see these, the more I feel they have lost the value of being rare.

oooooohhhyeeeeeuuuuhhhhhh!!! my 2nd bag ever!

Wow. Random check from phone and snagged one. My oldest son is going to flip out tomorrow. He was checking all day yesterday and today.

Success! Has been 2007 since my last bushel of crabapples.

First BOC in a few years. Black Friday crappiness!

How often? I do remember about 8 years ago when a bag of carp would only show a few times a year.

Why was my order cancelled?

Ive seen four in the last 3-4 hours or so…

When one of the woot offs sells out, keep refreshing and hovering your mouse over that tab til the next item comes up.

Almost snagged one this morning…this is my first blanket of conundrums. I’ve finally captured the dodo of online deals!..I gotta say it was a good dey…oooaaaooo

Ill do a unboxing video when it arrives! (:

It means we ran out before your crap was reserved. Because the payment had already been initiated, we had to cancel your order to reverse the charge.

Hey there Wooters! Join us at the main thread for the BOC unveilings.

I remember that too and it was harder to get a boc

And everyone complained about how it was too difficult and they gave up. We only do back-to-back days like this for special events. :slight_smile:

Got one can wait to do the opening facebook live

Bonanza of Calliopes: the Crapveiling