Crap'n Crunch

I cannot speak for you, but I think I keep ordering them for the thrill of the chase. I do believe there are still wooters out there that have not gotten crap yet. . . also I secretly hope one day I’ll get a robotic vacuum cleaner. . . .

Wow, that was easy! Got one, went back to the Woot! home, and they’re only down to 50%!


Good things (or disappointment) comes to those who wait. :slight_smile:

Woot Woot! got one! My wife told me it was a woot off so i logged in and here’s a BOC! I got it and she didn’t … hmm… i’m so dead

w00t! In for ANOTHER BravoOscarCharlie!

Woot! Scored!!!

I won’t let you down Wootbot, send me more crap!!! :slight_smile:

I hate when it looks like I got one but then it freezes.

Holy carp. I think I was able to buy my first BOC ever!

WooHoo. Been a long time. Scooorrrreeeee!!

Hi TT! Now that I got another BOC, we can continue our torrid affair! There isn’t anybody else, is there?

what a dumb ass am I
let me count the bags… :slight_smile:
but at least it’s said and done !
maybe this ones “The One” lol

I finally got one! My first BOC! I’ve never been so happy to be so crappy!

Nailed it!

another denied. computer froze…

First crap. First post. I like the way this is headed! Keep it going.

My first one! I’m so excited!

Woot woot shabang got a BOC

pray for meee… TT :slight_smile: