Can’t believe I just wasted another $10 on these things. Last time I got notepads and a broken Chinese video game thing from the dollar store.

Holy crap, I might have just crapped my pants. It’s been over 9 years…I finally got one. Sweet Sweet release.

Woot Hoo! Got one!

Score! May the disappointment rain down upon me.


Well, it says I was denied, but it shows I have an order in and my cc was charged…

When will I know if I need to try again?

still in waiting room almost 3 minutes… hmmm

After 15 years, I got one…I can die a happy man now…MJ

I like the fact that you can only get one every 7 days and that woot had so many BOC’s today, gave a lot of people that normally don’t get one a chance!

yea its been a long time commin. got my bag o crap, my bandellaro of carrots, my buch of cockadoodle doos. my bowl of cereal, my band of constables, my badge of courage, my bucket of crawdads, my ohhh forget it you get my drift. thanks woot you made my night.

Well, that was weird. I was signed in and was placed in a waiting room, and after it refreshed around five times, I opened a separate tab, hit the “buy” button, had to sign in again, and was taken right to the confirmation page. When I switched back to the first tab it wanted me to sign in; to prove I am not a bot apparently. Second one this year, my first ever on an iPad :slight_smile:

it says that I cheated? After waiting minutes…

“This item is not for sale currently. Thou shalt not cheat the Woot-Off”

I couldn’t believe that I got it. What normally comes in the bags?

does anyone else’s heart pump like no other experience between seeing the bag of crap and the order confirmation page?

Yes! 5th time in The Vestibule of Patience today finally paid off! Can’t wait to be utterly disappointed with my crap!

ZOMFG!!! I finally got one! Thanks woot,i have been waiting 10 years for this kind of disappointment!

What is with the PM on the end of the Crap? Haven’t seen that before.

I got one!!!

I think the “night crap”