Crappy Beer Shirt

Hell yeah! Grats Frankie! Next rounds on me!

There’s crappy beer?

Life is to short. Enjoy a Crappy Beer Shirt!

This is the most interesting shirt in the World.

So, there was less than a twenty vote difference between the 2nd place winner and #10. O.o That’s pretty sad and goes to show that every vote counts when it comes to the derby.

It means the only one in the fog I wanted to win is still pretty damn close.

Gonna be a photo finish for third place!

Yesterday, Woot was stuffing us full of crap by the bagful. Today they’re selling a shirt that is strongly anti-crap. What’s the message I’m supposed to be getting here?!?!

Death to crappy beer!

Congrats on your first derby win Frank!

Brilliant design.

Christmas gift list SOLVED!

Cheers! Next good beer is on me :smiley:

Really crisp graphic, great clear lettering choice. Sweet design! Unfortunately I only drink Budweiser so I have no place in this discussion. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish there was an option to get this as a poster print.

Oh yeah! I’ll drink to this! Congrats, Frank!

Holy Shizznit !!! I finally won one !!! It may be 7am, but I’m grabbin a cold one to celebrate. Thanks everybody! CHEERS !!!

Insta-buy. If this was only 2nd place in the derby, what was first?