ahh and the woot gods smile i got my boc


got put on waiting list this time… 2 seconds later, denied.

WOOO!!!* Got one!!!

*“WOOO!!!” subject to change once delivery has been made.

All the complaining paid off.

!!! I GOT MY CRAP !!!


I finally got one. Looking forward to more crap in my life.

seems like lots of people got one this time around :smiley:

Well, I’ll be. Finally got my 2nd ever bag of crap. Caught it by coincidence when I just checked. Hope it’s some good crap!

Looks like this one was the winner one! Congrats to those that got one and after over 20+ in the cart and not getting one this go round and the last it does pay off :slight_smile:

ahhhh… better late than never I guess.
Ok I admit it… This was my first try this woot-off.

After hitting “Place Your Order” at least five different times and having the page just reload each time, it was then sold out. What a load of BS!

OMG I GOT 1!!! My first bag of crap!

Sweet beans. Second score this year. I’m on a roll. Possibly a dinner or maybe cinnamon.

Missed another one. Dang it…

Congratulations to everyone who scored some crap. Especially the first timers. May your crap be the crappiest!

I feel like the new multi-BoC method has made it exponentially harder to get one. I haven’t been able to snag any the last few woot-offs and it’s just depressing. Not even getting to buy screens selling so fast. BAH! I want more Bandoliers of Carrots!

I’m so happy I didn’t get one! It’s money saved for me! I have way too much crap wasting my space already. Congrats to all that wanted some crap that got some.

There’s one listed in my stuff you bought, but it’s status is DENIED. :’(

Jeezer-Deezer - can’t hardly believe it. Been Aced Out all this & last year no matter how hard or what I tried. So I Swore Off paying attention to this particular Woot-Off and all the unhappiness it would surely bring me. But I took a peek just now anyway and the laptop was nearly sold out. I remembered to sign in (for once!). I started to really stare hard at 3% left. Hit the bag Hard when it showed (even tho I glazed over a bit and fractions of a second went by before that click). The purchase sailed right through! A-Maze-ing. Okay, either there were Lots more of them this time, or I’m lucky, but either way I have to take back all those things I’ve been saying for since…Yikes, I just looked!: April 25, 2012. Almost a three year drought! Anywho, sorry to run-on. But can you tell I am J,A,Z,Z Jazzed up! Now I can settle back and watch the tracking info. Nite folks. Best to you All! [edit-now what do I see - monkeys in capes? Did I get one of the last bags of this Woot-Off? Too Cool. Now I’m addicted all over again?]