I miss the days of the server crashes and therefor more chances to win by pure luck and fast fingers catching the server actually running!

Got my first one!!! Who can give me a nice proud picture for my signature please??

Stupid work. Had to leave my desk and missed this.And it looks like they had a bunch.

Same thing happened to me hours ago but it shows (through my status page on Woot!) that my credit card was charged. We’ll see.

Glad I got one, has it really been since 2011 since the last one? It’s crazy how Woot has evolved over the years.

This will be my 12th BoC.
It only took 8 years.

I just noticed I was the last woofer on this one. Got in by the skin of my teeth.

How does it feel to have gotten the last BOC of the whole WOOT Off?

edit: See you just noticed your interesting status

PPS woofer??

Just noticed I was fastest to the punch…usually it’s a fat finger but hey I will take it…now to eagerly await my crapola!

After all the other fails of them being in the cart and not able to finish it feels pretty good. Cannot wait to get my BOC and see what kind of crap I get this time


My Seasons in the Crap shipped in just two days! Now I’ll wave at it as it goes thru Birmingham to Atlanta, turns and comes back.

The tracking says that will take a whole week.

Got my shipping notice today… 0.6 lbs. I’m thinking it’s a a boat.