Crappy Holiday Gifts For Your Crappy Kids



This is the collection that absolutely benefits from the unlocked free shipping. Who’s getting ready for the holidays?


It would be nice to see a few more pics of this, like out of the box. It looks like the pieces come apart, but who really knows? Maybe they just sit and stare at the shapes…


The toy does come apart. The wooden middle piece holds about 4 colored discs together. This way the child can count and also learn about fractions.

This toy seems to get good reviews on amazon, but is also cheaper on amazon if you add in $5 shipping (so $17 on woot, $14.88 on amazon). Also some parents mention the toy breaking, so you have to supervise your child’s play


Thanks for the info. Plus deals don’t always have the killer deals your used to on the daily sites because of the smaller quantities. However,the Plus deals are often improved by taking advantage of the $5 All You Can Ship program.


Noooo! I missed the Tetris Link again!!!


My crappy kids are getting Smoal for X-mas


I hate it when I’m broke.


I was going to get the “Sid the Science Kid” bundle for my son. He’s already ahead of his preschool class, so I’m really, really looking into things that will keep him going without letting him get bored.


Note to self: discuss Christmas with wife early in sale, not right after the Imaginext Police Robot sells out.